Why do I love my family?

Loving my family

4. When you are most indecisive, you turn to your parents and after drinking a cup of coffee you walk out the door smiling because they gave you the advice you needed with the love they always have for you.

5. If you are lying on a couch thinking about doing something that makes you happy, you will most likely turn to your family, and if you are talking about a happy moment, what better than that mom’s soup that you haven’t tried for a long time.6. They are also the most important thing in your life.7. The family will always have a special reserve of kisses, hugs, encouragement, cheers and many I love you son, we love you son. Go get what you need! 8. One of the things you enjoy most as a family is that delicious conversation after tasting some sacred food prepared by mom and the best thing in the world is that there is no time limit. 9. You know that if there is one plan that never fails, it is to be with the family on Sundays that also become a wave of laughter, memories and updating cousins’ gossip.


As Christmas approaches, you will be familiar with the typical scene where there is a family reunion. You have to share table, appetizers and conversation with that aunt who makes you so worried when she asks you if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or with your grandfather who doesn’t mince words and says whatever comes to mind, or maybe it’s your cousin scolding you about whether you still vote for the same people. In short, in one way or another, you are forced to live certain family scenes that, many times, are not entirely pleasant. But it’s one thing if you have to deal with some differences and another if it becomes a real torment.

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You feel that your opinion is not going to be heard, taken into account and may even be laughed at. “There’s this one talking nonsense”, when really for you it is important what you are expressing and you would like to be listened to and valued. On the other hand, you realize that the opinions of other members of your family are listened to with great attention, so you may feel very frustrated.

Because my family is unique and valuable

In this article we will talk about the origin of this conflict, its consequences and how to deal with this situation so that you can go on with your life even though you feel that your family does not love you or support you.

You probably expected more from them. You are looking for that love that they never gave you and you have seen that it is a complicated situation because you have a deep emotional wound. You may even feel a lot of anger towards them.

First you need to know the causes and understand why you have reached this point. Sometimes life tests us. But don’t put yourself in the worst place. The best thing to do is to see things in perspective before making any decisions regarding your relationship.

We often ignore the power of communicating our feelings. Have you tried talking to them about how you feel? If you are lonely and disappointed, you need to face it and say it clearly. Talking calmly about the situation and starting to work on it to begin a rapprochement is a good start.

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What I like about my family examples

Our family is the first social scenario where we develop and where we establish our first bonds. Our first attachment relationships. Little by little this scenario becomes wider, including school, high school, friends, and first partners. Our attachments change and we mature as people. But there are times when our first scenario, the family, continues to have a lot of weight and even a high authority, so much so, as to hinder our emotional and sentimental relationships. What can we do? How can we deal with this situation?

Once we have passed adolescence, their role should be that of a support and guide figure to whom we can always turn to. But as adults, we have every right to make our own choices, make our own mistakes and learn from our life course with complete independence. But if today, when we reach maturity, the opinions and guidelines of our family continue to affect us in our emotional sphere, then we must become aware of this and establish clear limits. It is therefore important that we learn to identify the characteristics of “toxic” families, those that prevent us from being autonomous in our own choices and desires:

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