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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also called “Lou Gehrig’s disease”) is a disorder that can be abbreviated with its acronym: ALS. Its official name comes from the following Greek words:

However, people affected by ALS, even in an advanced stage of the disease, can still see, hear, smell and feel by touch. The nerves responsible for transmitting messages of heat, cold, pain, pressure and even tickling are not affected by ALS. In some people with ALS, the parts of the brain that allow us to think, remember and learn are also affected by the disease.

Currently, there is no way to prevent or cure ALS. But there are treatments that can help. Medications are available to control some of its symptoms, such as muscle cramps and swallowing difficulties, as well as drugs to slow the progression of the disease.

Physical therapy can help people with ALS cope with weakness, muscle wasting and breathing problems. Special equipment is also available to help those affected when needed. For example, an electric wheelchair can help a person paralyzed by ALS get around. And a machine called a ventilator can help you breathe.

Lately rae

Positive emotions are good for our body and mind. We need to make sure we take daily doses of positive emotions in the same way we eat the necessary portions of vegetables and fruits daily.

It is easy to give yourself experiences that trigger positive emotions. It’s fun to practice positivity. It’s also a great way to get to know ourselves and learn what we like. This worksheet will help you notice, record and explore 10 very common positive emotions.

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Below you will find 10 groups of words that describe positive emotions. For each group, think of an activity or situation that might help you feel one of those emotions. Write it in the space provided.

Then put a star next to one or two positive emotions you want to practice this week. Commit to doing something that will allow you to increase that positive emotion every day for a week. We have provided some examples to help you.

Lately synonym

If you notice that your mobile Internet connection is slow when you use mobile data, there may be a reason for it; in this post we will see the possible causes and how to fix the slow mobile data problem.

But just like with your computer’s Internet connection, sometimes your mobile data connection can be slower than usual. The reasons behind this problem can be various, therefore, in the following points we are going to see why mobile data is slow.

When the network is saturated, the Internet connection suffers and slows down, and can become very slow or even give us problems to connect. This is a problem that we cannot really solve, except to wait for the network to decongest. Fortunately, 4G networks have managed to improve the situation and it is expected that with 5G it will hardly be a problem.

Other reasons behind slow mobile data may be that we are not connected to the best network. While most of you are probably connected to a 4G network, there are other networks, such as 3G or 2G, that are slower. You may be thinking, “okay, but why would I choose a slower network?”. It’s not so much a matter of which you choose as it is available in your geographic location.

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Lately in English

Anxiety, at times, is a normal part of life. We all worry about things like health problems, money, or family problems. However, people with generalized anxiety disorder worry extremely or feel very nervous about these and many other things, even when there is little or no reason to worry. It is not easy for people with generalized anxiety disorder to control their anxiety and stay focused on daily activities.

Symptoms may get better or worse at different times, and are often worse during times of stress, such as with a physical illness, at exam time at school, or during family conflict or problems with a partner or friends.

Doctors may also prescribe medications to help treat generalized anxiety disorder. Your doctor will work with you to find the best medication and dosage for you. There are different types of medications that can be effective in treating this disorder:

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