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A definition within the safety sciences is ‘interdisciplinary science that is in charge of assessing, studying and managing the risks to which a person, an asset or the environment is subjected’. A distinction must be made between safety for people (physical safety), safety for the environment (environmental safety), safety in the workplace (health and safety), etc.

To explain this phrase, it is important to resort to the definition of value. “Values are principles that allow us to guide our behavior in order to fulfill ourselves as people”. Values, attitudes and behaviors are closely related.

To explain this sentence, it is important to turn to the definition of value. “Values are principles that allow us to guide our behavior in order to fulfill ourselves as persons. … Values, attitudes and behaviors are closely related.

For example, in Argentina, in addition to being named in Article 42 of the National Constitution referring to security in relation to consumption, the Internal Security Law in its Article 2 uses the following definition:

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Pursuant to Article 4 of Decree 2355 of 2006, the purpose of the Superintendence of Surveillance and Private Security is the inspection, surveillance and control of the surveillance and private security services developed in the national territory. For such purposes, the legal system grants it the following functions: 1. Regulatory and authorization functions. 2. Advisory and coordination functions. 3. Information functions. 4. Instructional functions. Surveillance and inspection functions. 6. Investigation functions. 7. Sanction functions. 8. Formalities functions.

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In response to this concern, it is necessary to clarify the activities that are proper of the janitorial services and private security and surveillance services. According to External Circular 01 of January 20, 2010, issued by the Superintendence of Surveillance and Private Security, the janitors are the persons who develop maintenance activities in place and for its part Article 2 of Decree Law 356 of 1994, establishes that the surveillance activities are those developed by natural or legal persons, aimed at preventing or stopping disturbances to security and tranquility in relation to life and property or third parties.

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“Human rights are a historical conquest that seeks to establish limits to power at a given historical moment, which are founded on the dignity of the human being and are concretized in the principles of freedom and equality,” explained the academic coordinator of the Chair of Human Rights, Claudio Nash.

The United Nations defines them as “rights inherent to all human beings, without distinction of any kind, such as race, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion or any other condition. Human rights include the right to life and liberty; freedom from slavery and torture; freedom of opinion and expression; education and work, among many others.

They are also characterized by being universal, minimal, indivisible, interdependent -the enjoyment and exercise of all rights are mutually reinforcing- and inalienable, so that the authorities recognize them, not hand them over, and therefore cannot take them away, Nash explained.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) considers depression to be one of the most disabling disorders in the world. Through this article we answer the most frequently asked questions about this disease.

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It depends on the type of depression you have. Psychological therapies, recommended for mild, moderate and severe depression, are effective in treating depression and can help reduce relapses. However, it should be noted that the effects of psychological therapy are not immediate.

On the other hand, the main drugs used in cases of depression are antidepressants. You should consult your doctor to find out if this is the best option in your case. Antidepressants do not generate addiction, although it is necessary to know the side effects. It is recommended to maintain the medication for a minimum of 6 months.