What is an example of a trail?

Meat trail

Hence we can define the digital trail as the information that we leave voluntarily or involuntarily when we are surfing the Internet. It is the same as when we are walking on the beach and we are leaving our footprints, so it happens on the web, only that in many opportunities this trail is not perceptible by ourselves, since it is data that is often stored in a server.

Also when we participate in opinion forums we leave marks about who we are, and it is accessible to everyone, which includes both people who are engaged in conducting research and people who are engaged in organizing crimes. Therefore, it is important for you to know that by using the Internet your privacy is reduced.

Another way to stop sharing your information is by unsubscribing from those newsletters or emails you receive frequently in which you have no interest, because, even if you do not review them or participate in the activities to which you are invited, remember that they still have your data, so you should inform them that you no longer wish to receive such information to remove you from their server.

Livestock trace

NEW AMOUNT OF THE SANCTIONS: Minor sanctions will be punished with a fine of up to 100 euros; serious sanctions with 200 and very serious sanctions with up to 500 euros. The amounts do not vary depending on who imposes the fine, whether it is the Guardia Civil or a municipal police.

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FINE BY E-MAIL: Penalties may be notified by e-mail through the new Electronic Road Address (DEV) which, however, will not start to operate until November 25. However, the fines will continue to arrive at the address by ordinary mail. In the event that they cannot be notified, they will be published in a new electronic bulletin, the TESTRA, which replaces the official bulletins of the provinces.

MONEY FOR ACCIDENT VICTIMS: The regulation establishes that the total of the money collected from fines must be destined to road safety policies. A portion will be donated to accident victims’ associations.

In addition, he said that these crimes have increased with the development of the Internet, since many users give their personal data to unsafe websites, and warned that young people “do not have the same awareness” as older people, since they provide a lot of their own information through social networks.

Synonymous traces

Ichnofossils (from the Greek ikhnos: footprint, mark) or fossil tracks are individually identifiable fossil ethological structures that reflect to a greater or lesser degree the morphology of the producing organism. A track may consist of a single element (e.g., a burrow or a footprint) or of several physically separate but ethologically connected elements (e.g., a trail of footprints or a trail of pellets).

Ichnofossils are the object of study by Paleoichnology. They present their own characteristics that make them identifiable and allow their classification as parataxons: ichnogenes and ichnospecies. It is rare that they can be unequivocally and precisely related to the organism that originated them, but in general it is possible to infer at least the higher taxonomic category to which the producing organism belonged.

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Ichnofossils or trace fossils are those structures preserved from the vital activity of organisms and reflect the behavioral pattern they possessed, their interaction with the environment in which they lived and the characteristics of the substrate itself. A large percentage of ichnofossils correspond to the activity of soft-bodied organisms that do not usually leave fossils, especially those corresponding to the marine environment, so their analysis is very important to deduce certain characteristics of the morphology of the organism that produced them, but especially to deduce the environmental conditions of the place they inhabited.

Definition of animal trace

In the first section, the viewer’s eyes are educated to learn to identify the tracks that animals leave behind.  In the second part, they learn about the types of tracking that exist and apply their knowledge to decipher which animal it is. Finally, the third section explains the importance of tracking applied to conservation, where the use of instruments such as the camera trap, which allows observing the traces and behavior of different species, is shown.

In the next section, we address the Natural Protected Areas and the Monitoring of Priority Species. Mexico’s Natural Protected Areas are sites that maintain the original environmental conditions that have not been significantly altered by human activity and that require preservation for the knowledge of the biological species and natural systems to which they belong. During the tour in this area the visitor will be able to enjoy a jaguar taxidermy, and after this tour they will no longer pass unnoticed the elements to identify the tracks and footprints, since they are now expert trackers.

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