What are uses of cars?


The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly. It is expected that by 2025 there will be more than 68 million electric vehicles in circulation worldwide (including hybrids, semi-hybrids and fully electric vehicles).

They protect the environmentThe electric car does not need internal combustion to operate. Therefore, it does not emit harmful gases or polluting particles that increase global warming and affect the health of living beings. The International Energy Agency estimates that to meet the climate targets of the Paris Agreement, at least 40% of vehicle sales must be electric models.

Although performance depends on the model, the final energy consumption value of an electric motor is lower than that of a gasoline or diesel model. This is an advantage, considering the significant expense that a driver spends on gasoline.

They offer comfortable drivingElectric cars do not have a gear transmission system, since their engine works thanks to a single gearbox that progressively advances speed in a similar way to automatic vehicles. This provides driving comfort and simplicity.

Examples of vehicles

Apple’s role in this sector was initially unclear. But, after those initial hesitations, the Cupertino-based company defended that they are going to limit themselves to developing software and technologies for the autonomous car, so, for the moment, they do not seem interested in competing with car manufacturers. In fact, this is what their Titan project is all about, which we have talked about in depth in other articles.

What’s promised is what’s promised, so before we go any further, let’s briefly review what SAE levels of autonomous driving consist of (if you want to know them in detail, don’t miss the article we dedicated to them a few months ago). The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is the Society of Automotive Engineers, an organization created in the United States in the early twentieth century whose main occupation is to define standards that can be implemented by companies involved in the automotive sector.

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We move on to level 3, and here autonomous driving starts to get really exciting. A car in this category must be able to control longitudinal displacement and lateral movement, as well as detect objects and eventualities that affect driving. And, of course, it must be able to respond automatically to them. As you can see, the level of automation is already significant, but the driver remains essential because he must be prepared to intervene if the system requests it or an error occurs that leads to the disappearance of optimal operating conditions. Quite simply, the driver sometimes drives, and sometimes does not. It depends on the circumstances.

Car information

“In terms of structure and depending on the purpose of the vehicle, they may lack systems for human interaction, i.e., they do not have a steering wheel, brake pedal or seats,” said the professor.

In general, they are vehicles with electric actuators and use different types of sensors for their interaction with the environment, for example: stereoscopic cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS, among others.

“The idea of autonomous cars is that in the future they will reduce this problem.  There must be safety in the sense of avoiding collisions, which will have an impact on both the material and the human side,” said the professor.

“From 2022, we would start with the development and implementation of the necessary algorithms for autonomous navigation and that the car can go from one place to another alone without us interfering,” said the professor.

To conclude, Carlos mentioned that having this type of project is an inspiration to continue the development and involvement of undergraduate and high school students in this type of research.

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André citroën

Autonomous cars are in our near future and will be a great contribution to improving everyone’s daily life. However, they could also offer many disadvantages if they are not developed very carefully.

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, the advancement of technology today is going very fast, creating all kinds of devices to make our lives easier, whether it is creating a smart home, such as the Movistar Home, making impressive nanomaterials or inventing robots so extraordinary that they could take control of humanity like in a science fiction movie.

It is obvious that this evolution of the automotive industry will give us many options in the future, because we will simply be able to get in the car and relax until we reach our destination. However, the issue is more complicated than it seems, and like everything else, it would have good and bad things.

In all big cities there are always problems with parking. With autonomous cars this would not be a big problem because they would not need a driver. So, people using them could get off at their destination and the car would keep looking for a place to park on its own, or even drive around the block in the meantime.

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