What are auditory memory skills?

Auditory memory in learning

Auditory memory, also known as echoic memory, is responsible for retaining all the sound information we receive from our surroundings. It consists of the ability to remember what we hear in the proper order and sequence.

VISUAL ATTENTION AND AUDITORY ATTENTION: Both are a function of the sensory modality to which they are applied and the nature of the stimulus. Visual attention is more related to spatial concepts, while auditory attention is related to temporal parameters.

Visual perception games set in motion a physiological process that starts in our eyes; and on a psychological level, the ability to recognize and interpret visual stimuli correctly and transform this information into an adapted response.

First of all, it is necessary to establish an initial distinction between sensation and perception. Thus, we could say that, while in the first case the person passively “captures” sensations, in the second case the person actively “perceives” his or her environment.

What is auditory memory example

If you know someone who has difficulty understanding what people say, you may have heard the term auditory processing disorder (APD). It is a term for problems with recognizing speech sounds.

The challenges are not related to hearing. People hear the sounds that others make when speaking, but have difficulty processing and understanding those sounds at the brain level.

This disorder refers to challenges in how the brain understands speech. Sounds may be loud and clear, but people with auditory processing disorder do not perceive the subtle differences between them.

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Conversations can be difficult for people with auditory processing disorder. They are often slow to respond to what people say. And they may respond nonsensically when they don’t understand.

The first step in identifying it is to rule out hearing loss. Medical professionals can usually do this, but testing is done by audiologists. These specialists perform advanced hearing tests, where patients listen and respond to different sounds.

Auditory memory activities pdf

Auditory memory is so important that our Audifon specialists also help you to recover it. Auditory memory, also known as echoic memory, is in charge of preserving all the sound information we receive from our surroundings. It consists of the ability to remember what we hear in the proper order and sequence. We all know how important memory is in our lives: to be happy, to keep pleasant memories and to create new ones with those around us. That is why losing it is always complicated and traumatic, no matter what. In the case of people who have lost their hearing, it is also traumatic. It is involved, among many other aspects, in learning. In order to learn new things, it is not only necessary to understand them, but also to remember them.

However, auditory memory can be improved through training to make retention more effective.  Auditory memory is the key to remembering sounds, to recognize them again once we restore our hearing to health. This memory is considered the most important, since we owe speech to it. At Audifón we help you to recover it with our auditory training, just for being a client of our centers.

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Auditory memory exercises

The auditory memory is a component of the sensory part of our brain that is responsible for storing the sound information that we perceive around us. It is a fundamental aspect at the time of learning, since to be able to fix a concept it is necessary to store all its information. However, each person has a different auditory memory capacity. There are those who cannot remember the details of a lecture and those who could repeat a conversation word for word.

Having a good auditory memory will allow you to remember in detail conversations or information transmitted orally. To develop it correctly, it is necessary to work on it with exercises. However, to achieve a high degree of this type of memory, you should work on it since childhood.