What are 20 examples of compound sentences?

Example of compound sentences

Compound sentences, on the other hand, are made up of two or more propositions or simple sentences, and within them there can be up to 3 types of sentences: juxtaposed, coordinated and subordinate.

These are sentences that contain two propositions of different syntactic hierarchy, i.e. there is a subordinate one that depends on another called the main one. This dependence is both grammatical and logical. Alone, they have no sense of their own. They are introduced through relative pronouns (que, quienes, lo cual, lo cual, las cuales, cuyas, cuyos, etc). Using such pronouns, subordinate clauses are called adjective subordinate clauses.

That is to say, within subordinate clauses we can identify three classes: adjective subordinates, adverbial subordinates and noun subordinates.  Note: A juxtaposed sentence can be both coordinating and subordinating.


Compound sentencesCompound sentences are those that are formed by two or more simple sentences that are joined or followed and that form a coordinated congruence. Complex sentences are classified in three. Each of these is further subdivided into subcategories.Types of compound sentences:Examples of compound sentences:Coordinated compound sentences:Subordinate compound sentences:Juxtaposed compound sentences:Quoted APA: Del Moral, M. & Rodriguez, J. (n.d.). Example of Compound Sentences.


The inventory introduces new prepositions to the classic list: durante, mediante, versus, via. The RAE recognizes that they also admit prepositional or quasiprepositional uses where and when if they precede certain nominal groups (donde su padre, cuando la guerra). To these we must add as if it is equivalent to “in the capacity of”, “in concept of”, “by way of” (Asistió a la ceremonia como testigo). Some grammarians consider prepositions except, less and except in certain contexts, but the RAE Dictionary considers them as conjunctions. Finally, it should be noted that there are two contracted forms that are formed with prepositions and the masculine singular article: al (a+el) and del (de+el).

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To finish this lesson on the types of juxtaposed coordinated and subordinate sentences, we are going to provide you with some examples of these sentences so that you can better understand all the contents we have indicated. Examples of juxtaposed sentencesExamples of coordinated sentencesExamples of subordinate sentences Examples of subordinate sentences

I want you to help me with this question about juxtaposed and coordinated compound sentences this is the first one 1) either our demands will be solved or the fight will intensify .disjunctive nexus or conjunction