How do you write an effective sentence?

Verbs for recommendations examples

On the 19th we detected, due to the implementation of a new version of the Virtual Campus, that when using Netscape, from modem and in saturation conditions (as especially occurred from the 20th to the 23rd) the use of shared mailboxes (for example, the continuous evaluation mailbox) caused problems.

On the 19th we detected that there were problems in the use of shared mailboxes (for example, the continuous evaluation mailbox). The cause was the launching of a new version of the Virtual Campus when using Netscape from a modem and in saturated conditions (as was especially the case from the 20th to the 23rd).

Nor should one go to the extreme of reducing the text to very short sentences, separated by dots, which can produce an uncohesive effect. The clearest and most readable style is the one that combines the short sentence with coordinated and subordinate sentences that reflect the logical relationships between ideas.

Verbs for recommendations and conclusions

Why is it important to use synonyms in your speech or writing? It is important because synonyms can improve both your speaking skills and your writing skills, as discussed in the next section.

Plagiarism is a serious problem for writers and publishers and is considered a copyright infringement. It is particularly serious for academic researchers because plagiarizing someone else’s work in a research paper can diminish or even destroy your professional credibility. Any work you refer to in your writing, other than your original thoughts or ideas, should be properly cited and referenced. Should you always use direct quotations? Not necessarily, but any part of the original text that you include in your paraphrased text should be in quotation marks.

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Several books and websites can help you build your thesaurus. One of the most commonly used publications is Roget’s Thesaurus, which is available in both paper and electronic format that can be downloaded from an online source. The following are additional examples:


Coherence is an essential quality for good academic writing. In academic writing, the flow of ideas from one sentence to the next must be smooth and logical. Without cohesion, the reader will not understand the main points you are trying to make. It also hinders readability. Cohesion necessarily precedes coherence. There is a difference between the two terms: cohesion is achieved when sentences are connected at the sentence level, while coherence is achieved when ideas are connected. In addition, cohesion focuses on the grammar and style of your work.

Coherence also means “clarity of expression” and is created when the correct vocabulary and grammar are used. After all, the goal of writing is to benefit readers.  Without coherence and cohesion, readers may detect fragmentation in the text and feel that there are gaps in the ideas presented. Needless to say, texts without coherence are difficult to read and understand. It defeats the whole purpose of writing, which is to convey ideas in a clear and efficient manner. There are strategies you can use to ensure coherence and cohesion in academic writing.

Phrases and sentences

After the entries on the different forms of dialogue and the functions they have in the story, finally the third installment of this topic to talk about the keys to writing good dialogue.

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If we listen to a real conversation and try to put it on paper, we immediately realize that the dialogue doesn’t work on a narrative level. Real conversations are full of interruptions, unfinished sentences and inconsistencies. The key is to maintain the verisimilitude of a real conversation, but without so many stumbles. But how do we do it?

In order to voice a character, it is essential to know as much as possible about the character. His or her personality, origin, age, education, profession, time in which he or she lives… This information will give us the necessary clues to understand how he or she should speak.

If you become the actor of your own plays and interpret them as you write, you will not only find it easier to create dialogues that work, but you will even discover the gestures and actions that the dialogue is asking for.

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