How do you make a sentence cloud?

Create online word cloud

Word clouds show the important words and phrases that respondents write most frequently in open-ended responses. Each phrase in a word cloud can be composed of 1 to 5 words.

The word cloud also excludes common words to highlight important words in the responses. For example, if 100 people responded “I like dogs”, we will identify “dogs” as the important word.

To see all responses associated with a word or phrase, simply click on it. In addition, you can see how many times a word or phrase was mentioned and the percentage of responses in the List View or by hovering your mouse over a word in the Cloud View.

Once you have combined the words, a link icon will appear next to the new word in the List View. You can manage the merged words by clicking on the down arrow next to them and selecting Edit merged words or Split merged words.

Create collaborative word cloud

Thus, word clouds serve to enhance the user experience by ensuring that the tags or words you see in the image will be the main topics you will find in, for example, the website or blog.

It is one of the easiest word cloud generators to use and with the best final product. It allows us to enter the whole text and not the words one by one. The system identifies the most used words and will highlight them more than the others. In addition, WordItOut does not require Java or Silverlight, so you can use it in any browser without registering.

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It is the simplest of all but it is also very effective. You must enter the text and it will automatically create a word cloud with a certain shape. If we want to change the shape, we click on it again. In addition, we can orient the words with different angles and typographies.

It is one of the most popular tools and stands out for its simplicity. In addition, it does not allow to make a cloud from a url. Its customization options are very good. Its negative point is that it works with Java and you must have the plugin installed.

Word cloud examples

Wordle In a very colorful and slightly customizable way (in color, typography, format, layout, and others) Wordle is born, a web with which you can create these clouds with a couple of clicks. The bad thing is that you need to have Java installed (and that it is a bit slow); the good thing is that it has some very attractive advanced options for the most experienced users and that, although it is very simple, the final result is well achieved.

Wordsalad Available for iOS and Android, the app allows you to develop word clouds by choosing relevant aspects such as the color or typography of the text as well as the arrangement of the terms. Once you have the desired result, you can save it, in case you want to modify it in the future, or export it to your cell phone to share it with third parties through messaging apps or social networks.

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Wordaizer In its web version, and without the need for an Internet connection, this tool allows you to create word clouds without term limit and with the option of saving them in vector format, which offers the possibility of editing them in the future without losing quality in the image to be exported. The final result can also be printed.

Google Word Cloud

Wordle is a free online application that allows us to generate word clouds that can be given various visual formats, from a list of words or any text chosen by the user. A simple and motivating tool for which both teachers and students around the world have devised numerous classroom activities.

In the presentation image of this article we can see the result obtained by entering a list of names. Now we are going to make one using a long text and for this we will start from an article published in this blog on May 20, 2011: “Why educate with ICT? The new literacies of the 21st century” by Manuel Area Moreira.

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