How can technology help you?

How technology can help learning

Many writing tools are “low-tech,” particularly handwriting tools. For example, you can find pencil holders and graph paper in stores that sell school supplies. The school may also provide these tools.

Your occupational therapist can advise you on selecting a handwriting tool. He or she can tell you which tools are appropriate, since he or she has access to a wider variety of tools than those available in the store. He or she can also give you information about keyboard and touch screen options. Special education teachers can also help you select assistive technology tools.

Desktop computers and laptops as well as Chromebooks often use keyboards for typing, but many computers now have touch screens. And while the touch screen is the primary way to use a mobile device, people may prefer an external keyboard.

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In the midst of the pandemic crisis caused by the new coronavirus, technology can be a key ally in achieving better results, both in reducing its spread and in mitigating and reducing its impacts.

The example presented demonstrates the potential of digital technologies, connectivity and data for socio-economic development and crisis management. There is a whole battery of mobile applications and digital solutions in different parts of the world that support various areas of productive activity (agriculture, tourism, energy, logistics) and social (health, education, e-government) that in addition to contributing to the reduction of the digital divide, also contribute directly to improving the quality of life of people.

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As we can see, connectivity can be a fundamental tool not only in prevention and mitigation, but also in the exit phase of the crisis thanks to the use of critical infrastructure associated with strategic sectors such as energy, transportation (ports, airports, etc.), water and others, in order to enhance the productive fabric and regional integration.

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It enables interaction with other people. Video games, social networks and mobile applications: these are all hobbies and interests, such as sports, reading and more. The opportunity for socialization with technology increases.

Have you ever heard the term “survival mode”? It is a gaming experience that some types of video games have, where the player is tasked with staying alive as long as possible to survive opponents.

In the popular game, Minecraft, “survival mode” is one of the ways players can use problem-solving skills. Specifically, they are dropped into new and different environments, and must immediately build shelter, and collect items such as weapons and food in order to survive. As if there had to be more kicker, a “Minecraft day” lasts 10 minutes in the real world, forcing players to move fast while making good decisions to stay alive.

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The blockchain can be defined as a technology that allows to leave digital evidence or notarize certain information without the intervention of trusted third parties. In this way, the information is recorded in a decentralized network of nodes, which replicate the information in a consensual way and guaranteeing through cryptography that the data once recorded cannot be modified or deleted.

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The recorded information becomes immutable and no one can question or challenge this information a posteriori. For this reason, the blockchain is a fundamental tool to guarantee the traceability of an asset, i.e., to know its origin and be able to follow its course throughout its transformation and distribution chain, which could be defined as its digital footprint.

It also includes an end-to-end traceability platform that ensures the origin of the vaccine (manufacturing batch, pharmaceutical plant, etc.) and guarantees at all times the conservation conditions and the time it has spent in each stage, certifying each of them with blockchain. Traceability is critical The challenge of vaccinating millions of people should be met with all available tools. We are talking about assets that must travel thousands of kilometers and pass through different hands. Those responsible for the process require the guarantee that the specific conservation conditions of each vaccine are maintained throughout the journey and that, in case of failure, it can be detected in time and acted upon.

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