How can I speak English in daily use?

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Learning languages always involves certain difficulties, even if there are people with great ability to assimilate the learning process. Perseverance and practice are two indispensable factors in mastering a new language, but because of the natural tendency of the brain, more work is needed if you want to think in a language that is not your own. Once you manage to change the chip and think in different languages, such as English, the language mastery is absolute. You won’t need to translate sentences, you will gain action and conversation time. Well, thinking in English is a highly demanding process, but it is within the reach of anyone. Discover how to think in English and the best tricks to achieve it by reading this unCOMO article.

If you are wondering what to do to think in English, a good way is to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary present in your daily life. So a good way to start is by naming the objects and elements of your environment in English to gradually exercise the reflections in the same language. Then progressively increase the difficulty and learn simple phrases. When you go to bed or wake up, talk to yourself saying ‘good night’ or ‘good morning’. To make it easier, use posters to mark the objects around you: from the rooms at home to study, work or kitchen tools.


To know another language is to have a multifunctional tool for life. So it doesn’t really matter what your profession is or if you never plan to leave your country. Knowing English will enrich your professional and personal life in ways you don’t even suspect.

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So if you want to learn English fast and easy, don’t miss these tips. No boring classes or endless courses. These are practical, concrete, everyday exercises. Follow them, and English will become part of your life without you even realizing it. Let’s take a look at them.

Imagine your life if you didn’t know how to use a computer. You could survive, but how much would you be missing out? How much would it interfere with your professional life? Knowing English is just as important and here we will explain how to learn this language quickly and easily.

The first tip we want to share with you is the value of perseverance. Learning English should become part of your routine, but for that, you must first develop the habit. The best thing you can do is to set aside a time in your day to study English, even if it’s only for half an hour. Choose the schedule that works best for you and make it your priority.


This is especially true if you are expanding your vocabulary. For some, learning new words is very easy. It seems that all they have to do is look at the term with its definition so that the information is immediately stored in their brain.

If you’re having trouble improving your vocabulary, why not try something different? Try any of the following tips and you’ll find that learning new words is actually easier than you think.

If you still don’t know the best way to learn English, try all of the study methods below. You’ll learn more about yourself and your brain as you try many different things.

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You can find words everywhere, so you don’t have to sit down with a dictionary to improve your vocabulary. You can find new terms in conversations with native English speakers, TV shows, news, and many other sources.

It’s easy to start forgetting words on your list over time. This is especially true for common terms and those you don’t know how to use. If you want to remember your new words, you have to use them more often.

How to learn English

In addition, The Simpsons is great for learning slang and cultural references. The main characters are Homer Simpson, a power plant safety inspector who is quite clueless and funny, his wife Marge and their three children, and there are also a huge number of supporting characters!

Writing can be a very creative and interesting activity, and a journal or blog in English is the best way to regularly practice your writing. Not only will this help you polish your grammar, but it will improve your ability to use English in everyday contexts.

Of course, you can write as often as you want; even if you do it once a week you will feel great satisfaction. Still, it’s best to write more often. Set goals so that you have to write more and more often and at a faster and faster pace.

If you are a perfectionist who hates mistakes, show your journal or blog to a native English speaker for corrections. If you don’t know anyone, don’t worry; visit lang-8. This is an excellent website where students of different languages can exchange their writing.

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