How can I help my 1st grader with spelling words?

Strategies for Improving Spelling in Elementary School Children

To stop having spelling mistakes, students must understand why they commit them and resort to the techniques recommended by experts to correct them. In any case, they have to be very constant and patient, but the effort is worth it: a well-written text opens more doors for them both inside and outside the school environment.

Currently, many parents and teachers think that the increase in spelling mistakes is due, in large part, to the use of abbreviations that children use when writing messages with their cell phones. Well, it seems that this is not the case: a 2014 trial conducted by three French universities, sponsored by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), claims that students’ texting habits do not change what they already know or don’t know about spelling, just as neither did shorthand nor the traditional abbreviations used when writing notes in class before. “However, I believe that the number of messages that children send and receive every day, the speed with which they do it, the little attention they devote to deciphering them and the indiscriminate use of games on their mobile devices are factors that do not help them in the least to learn and fix in their memory the spelling rules,” adds Elena Aparicio.

Writing first grade

In the digital era, excessive writing through computer and mobile screens generates visual stress and some traumatic diseases related to manual mobility. Thus, Dr. Susana García Greciano, who has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid and specializes in Sports Medicine and works at the IMTRA traumatology clinic, says that “more and more patients are coming with tendinitis of the first finger of the hand due to excessive use of the cell phone, as well as cervical pathologies due to excessive and sustained bending of the neck”.

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Far from forgetting calligraphy for the sake of the new technological era, we must bear in mind that the benefits of writing by hand go beyond fixing knowledge by taking notes because handwriting enhances creativity and strengthens the memory. Writing by hand allows you to learn new languages faster and keep your mind more active. In fact, through a magnetic resonance imaging study carried out by scientists at Indiana University (United States), it was determined that, when writing by hand, more regions of the brain are activated and the learning of shapes, symbols and languages is favored. On the other hand, writing with pencil and paper helps to better express thoughts and ideas, and improves the learning of spelling rules.

How to teach spelling in a fun way

It compiles different tips (the position of the body and hand when writing, details to pay attention to when writing a word…) and exercises to practice calligraphy and writing. Some examples? Reviewing the strokes of letters or words, recognizing and forming syllables or copying sentences without going beyond the limits of the lines. Drawings to print and color

It contains a selection of different types of resources: worksheets, templates, texts, drawings and games such as crossword puzzles or word searches, among other examples. The aim of all the material is to help improve handwriting and provide students with greater fluency in writing. All resources are downloadable and printable for free use. Calligraphy and spelling exercises

Reading speed test The best way to discover the reading speed of any student online. Despite its simple interface, it more than meets its objectives and determines the level with an easy test that takes less than 5 minutes.

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Methods for teaching spelling

As your children get older, you will need to show them the importance of using dictionaries to learn to spell correctly. In this way, they should understand that this is the work or reference book to look up everything they do not know how to write, and that it can help them a lot.Currently, the use of digital or online dictionaries can make the task much easier, since it is the most updated version and will include newly created terms that may generate doubts when writing them.