What can be hunted right now?

Hunting season 2021

But in addition, if we take a dog with us, as in the case of quail hunting, we must also take a series of precautions so that our animal does not suffer. Here are some tips on the aspects that should be taken into account when hunting in summer.

Heat stroke is one of the greatest dangers to which you are exposed when hunting in the summer months, especially in August, as it can catch you by surprise if you have not been forewarned. If we go out hunting on a sweltering hot day and we do not hydrate ourselves adequately, we can run many risks. But it can also affect hunting dogs considerably, even the most resistant ones.

Which is related to not carrying enough water, not stopping to hunt until the heat becomes unbearable, not stopping to take shelter for a few minutes in the shade from time to time or not refreshing our dog throughout the day. Giving rise to problems ranging from headaches to fainting.

Hunting calendar 2021 2022

Hunting in the past was done as a necessity for food and survival. Few of us need to hunt for that very reason. We hunt because we want to and for recreational purposes and it is no good to say that it is something man has always done, because the primitive hunter did it out of necessity, not choice. Our current recreational activity is increasingly beset by practices that are considered unethical, such as violating nature unnecessarily and consciously, which is unacceptable animal discomfort. Also considered unethical is the obsession with trophies due to ego.

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Precisely in my previous article “Hunting also votes”, FEDERCAZA Nº 398, I referred to the reflections of Ortega y Gasset (2) on the limited and necessary imbalance between the means of the hunter and the possibilities of the prey not to be hunted. These reflections are valid to accompany those that Carstens raises today on this point. The philosopher said that reason is not an ingredient of the hunting that we humans do, since the activity cannot substantially progress because it would end in slaughter. “Reason enters into hunting precisely for the opposite: to impose limitations that allow the animal to play its game, so as not to excessively unbalance the game and the hunter” And he concluded: “The animal sought must have its chance and be able to avoid capture”.

Big game hunting season 2022

The Law one thousand nine hundred and seventy of the fourth of April, which regulates the protection, conservation, promotion and orderly use of the national hunting wealth has been enacted, and it is necessary, in accordance with the provisions of the first final provision of the same, that the government, at the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, draw up and publish, in due time and form, the Regulations for the application of the aforementioned Law.

By virtue thereof, having complied with the formalities established in the Law, in accordance with the Council of State in Permanent Commission, having heard the favorable opinion of the Council of Inland Fishing, Hunting and National Parks, at the proposal of the Minister of Agriculture and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting held on March eighteenth, nineteen hundred and seventy-one,

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The present Regulation develops the Hunting Law of April 4, 1970, dictated with the purpose of regulating the protection, conservation and promotion of the national hunting wealth and its orderly use in harmony with the different affected interests.

Hunting permits 2021

The entry of hunters from outside the municipality and the exit of hunters to practice hunting in other municipalities is prohibited, and it is “discouraged” to travel and carry out non-essential activities within the affected localities, therefore there is no express prohibition of hunting activities.

It is possible to travel from perimetrically isolated municipalities to other municipalities in order to practice professional hunting activities, that is, if the person who travels can prove that he/she is fulfilling a work, professional or business obligation.

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