Is Price Is Right rigged?

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The Price is Right’ has started ‘to play’ in the afternoons of Telecinco with unpromising results. The renewed version of the mythical game show, now presented by Carlos Sobera, has not lived up to expectations against an unbeatable ‘Pasapalabra’, which has not even flinched at the arrival of its new competitor. In fact, Roberto Leal’s format is going through its best moment, with stratospheric shares above 26%.

Two weeks ago, the Mediaset network lifted from its afternoons the effective ‘Sálvame tomate’ to try its luck with the daily strip ‘El Precio Justo’, with the aim of testing a product that in the long term can bring the same results that ‘Pasapalabra’ gave it from 2007 to 2019, when the format was snatched by Antena 3.

Last April 19, the first evening installment of the contest registered a 13.6% share with 1.7 million viewers, an acceptable figure but lower than the 15% with which its predecessor had said goodbye in the slot. This result is even more lackluster if we compare it with that of ‘Pasapalabra’, which swept away as usual with 26.4% and more than 3.2 million viewers.

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It’s 23:00h and still hasn’t started #ElPrecioJusto, premiere program that they intend to pose face to ‘Pasapalabra’ in the coming weeks. Marc Gabernet (@marcgabernet) April 5, 2021

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#ElPrecioJusto a family program of @telecincoes presented by @carlos_sobera, which is announced on a Monday at 22:55 and starts at 23:05.Deberíamos replantearnos lo de los horarios , después el problema es si cambiamos la hora y tal… ♂️- Juan Urios (@juanurios_es) April 5, 2021

I like #ElPrecioJusto, quizas un ritmo un pelin acelerado, pero seguramente si un ritmo mas bajo nos quejariamos de aburrido.Me gusta Carlos Sobera, buen rollito con su hija la azafata y con el chico azafato, tambien me gusta Luis Larrodera, buen speaker- Sr.Gomez.Martinez (@Sr_Gomez_07) April 5, 2021

@preciojustotvTo whom it may concern:You are in time to re-record the rest of the programs, at a more logical and normal pace. You are going too fast. So it is difficult to follow and play…. Please, a more normal pace.que va a haber que meterse algo pa seguiros…#ElPrecioJusto- Bobis ️ (@bobiskiu) April 5, 2021

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The U.S. television quiz show scandals of the 1950s were a series of revelations that contestants on various television quiz shows secretly received assistance by the producers of their respective shows to fix the outcome of a supposedly fair contest.

In 1956, a contestant on the quiz show Twenty One, hosted by Jack Barry, was coached by the show’s producer, Dan Enright, to make the other contestant win. This was brought to light in 1958, when Enright and Barry were revealed to have rigged the show and caused the networks to cancel the contests. This element of the scandal was portrayed in the movie Quiz Show: The Dilemma, released in 1994.

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