Is it a legal requirement to have a cooker chain?

Prepared food business requirements

Nowadays there are many entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the world of gastronomy, which includes the sale of food and preparation of traditional or avant-garde dishes. This is quite noticeable, since every week we receive several questions related to the necessary requirements to set up a gastronomic establishment. That is why we have decided to write this guide.

First of all, it is important to point out that before applying for the authorization of a gastronomic establishment, certain rules and regulations established by each specific city or region must be complied with, most of them related to food handling and sales. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading until the end so that you will be clear about everything you need to know about the establishment of a gastronomic establishment.

A gastronomic establishment is a space set up to enjoy gastronomy and for family sharing among friends and relatives. It is a place equipped with environmental conditions, space, lighting and recreation designed so that the people who are there feel comfortable and can enjoy a pleasant moment.

How to set up a take-away food store

It is also important that you contact your local Canirac, since belonging to this organization will allow you to obtain a series of benefits. The Canirac has a presence throughout Mexico, so you can find a delegation in your city.

It is necessary to analyze the positions, the profile of each one of them, the documentation they must have. This way you can focus on looking for people with certain skills and you will know what permits to cover, such as food handling, alcoholic beverage control, for example.

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“Nothing is better than enjoying a good meal to celebrate life and special moments.” Marlene is adept at venturing out to new places that offer quality service with well-prepared food. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most popular taqueria or a formal restaurant. The important thing is to enjoy the experience.

License to deliver food at home

Prepared food means any culinary preparation by raw or cooked or precooked preparation of one or more food products of animal or vegetable origin, with the addition of other authorized substances and, where appropriate, seasoned. This prepared food may be presented:

Prepared meals are marketed in certain establishments, permanent or temporary, with or without on-site service, where they are prepared, handled, packaged, stored, supplied, served or sold for consumption.

However, the persons or entities responsible for the establishments may set different temperatures, provided that they are based on scientific or technical evidence and have been verified by the competent authority.

Prepared foods that are not consumed in the same establishment where they are prepared, shall be packaged in an appropriate manner, hermetically sealed or not, depending on the preservation procedure used and the distribution process.

Legal framework of a fast food company

Depending on whether or not your recipe or gastronomic process meets certain conditions, secondly, it could also be subject to patent protection. To do so, it must comply with the “patentability requirements” expressed in art. 4 of the current Patent Law 24/2015 (hereinafter, LP) which are as follows:

Thirdly, we have the utility models which are similar to patents and are also regulated in the LP. In this case, the requirements to access the corresponding registration are more relaxed than those required for patents. Later we will see in detail what they consist of and what could be protected under this figure.

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In order to protect a work by copyright, the IPL requires that it be original, have creative height and constitute a concrete manifestation of the personality of its author in any medium or support. The concepts “creative height” and “originality” are one of the many indeterminate legal concepts that doctrine and jurisprudence have been defining. In this sense, there are two possible positions.