How much is a non-resident moose tag in Quebec?

Spanish to work in Canada

In the east of Canada are the most famous cities of the country, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, the capital. During this amazing trip through Canadian lands, we can also visit the beautiful Niagara Falls and enjoy its huge jump of 54 meters high, but we can also travel to Charlevoix to take a boat and see whales in freedom.

Toronto will welcome us. After strolling through its streets we will visit Niagara Falls. Our route will continue to the capital of the country, Ottawa, where we will discover the history of the country. Before arriving in this city, we will embark on a cruise on the Saint Lawrence River to visit the Thousand Islands. Some 1,700 islands make up this green archipelago full of charming houses and some castles and palaces that look like something out of a children’s fairy tale.

On the next stage of the trip we will climb to the top of Mount Tremblant to spend the night in this village of colorful houses. After seeing the ski resort we will descend again. We will enjoy a photographic safari of whales of different varieties, blue, gray and white Arctic whales, also known as beluga whales. By road we will arrive in the city of French airs, Quebec. Our farewell will be in modern Montreal.

Embassy of Canada in Spain

Eastern Canada is home to some of the country’s best-known cities. The largest, Toronto; the reference in modernity, Montreal, the French Quebec, and the capital of the country, Ottawa. In this eight-day trip we will enjoy these cities and an incredible visit to Niagara Falls. In addition, we will cruise the Thousand Islands and climb the country’s most famous ski resort, Mont Tremblant.

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The growing wave of foreigners living in Canada has made the gastronomic offer increase with flavors from other parts of the world, from the East to the United States, so it is very easy to find all kinds of international cuisine, especially in big cities.

If Montreal has the largest subway network in Canada, Toronto is in second place with 28 kilometers underground. The PATH network consists of thousands of stores, banks, restaurants … and is accessed through more than a hundred entrances scattered throughout the city.

For 15 days in May, Canada commemorates the historic moment when Holland donated 100,000 tulip bulbs to the country’s capital, Ottawa. Since 1945 this act is remembered with the planting of one million tulips in the green areas of the cities. Traveling to the main cities of Canada at this time of the year means enjoying colorful and cheerful gardens.

International Driver’s License

In Ontario, there are specific guidelines with respect to the rest of Canada. For example, foreign drivers can drive for 60 days after arriving in Canada and then must pass a driving test in Ontario to keep their license valid.

In the event you are stopped by the police, for any reason, you will be asked for: your driver’s license, the registration of the vehicle you are operating, and automobile insurance. Failure to provide any of these documents may result in a fine.

Your license will be issued by the province or territory in which you reside. To receive a license, you must pass a written examination and a driving test. In addition, you will need to learn the traffic regulations of the province.

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European driver’s license in Canada

Via Rail is Canada’s national passenger rail service. Its U.S. counterpart, Amtrak , provides connecting rail services to Toronto from New York via Niagara Falls; to Montreal from New York; and to Vancouver from Seattle via Bellingham. Its trains are an economical way to get to Canada, with tickets starting as low as US$43 round-trip between Seattle and Vancouver. Not many people take the train as a regular means of intercity transportation. Most simply drive to where they want to go if the distance is short (which in Canada can mean hundreds of kilometers!), or fly if the distances are long.Important: If you are traveling across the border on Amtrak services, you must validate your tickets before boarding. Pick up your tickets over the counter (not at the Quick-Trak kiosk) and show your passport or travel document to the agent (travel document information is sent in advance on a manifest to border services to facilitate crossing procedures). Some stations, such as New York City, have a dedicated window for international passengers.As of 2017, Hostelling International members are entitled to a 12.5% discount on Via Rail .

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