Can I have a balanced flue?

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Gas stoves generate heat by burning gas, usually butane, in a burner. Their great advantage is that they are very affordable and heat the room faster than electric stoves. The price of a butane gas cylinder (containing 12.5 kg) is the cheapest within the non-channeled gas and its consumption, depending on the type of stove, ranges between 140 and 300 grams per hour.

Gas stoves are recommended for well-ventilated rooms larger than 20 m2, such as living rooms, dining rooms or studios. Due to the gases they emit, they are not recommended for bedrooms or poorly ventilated spaces, although they have an automatic shut-off system when they detect a gas level in the air of 1.5%.

How to fix a chimney flue

Winter storms are dangerous. Winter storms can bring cold temperatures, power outages, communication outages and icy streets and roads. This can make being outside dangerous, so you should limit the amount of time you spend outside. While staying inside as much as possible can help reduce the risk of car crashes and falls on ice, you may also face hazards inside your home.

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Older adults generally produce less body heat because of their slower metabolism and less physical activity. Keep an eye on your older friends or neighbors to make sure their homes are adequately heated.

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Natural chimney draft

This time we want to talk about this topic because it is a relatively simple question to answer for professionals, but do users really know what it is? Today we want to explain to make it clear what it is and what you have to do to keep it in perfect condition; something very simple, check it and chimney sweep it annually by an accredited company for it.

The draft of your chimney is the depression that originates at the base of it, as a result of the difference of pressures created by the gases contained in it, that is to say, the fumes and the column of outside air. The specific weight of the fumes, being always hotter than the ambient air, is always lower, so: as the external pressure is higher than the internal pressure at the base of the chimney, the fumes experience a thrust that tends to evacuate them upwards; this thrust is the NATURAL DRAught, created by the chimney.

European certification on energy consumption. It qualifies the product according to strict sustainable criteria defined at European level, and guarantees that the product purchased complies with the highest sustainability requirements.

How large a chimney flue should be

The main function of a chimney is to create a good combustion as well as to transport the combustion gases out of the house. A good draft is vital for good combustion. We consider that a good draft should be between 10-20 Pa. A bad installation or a defective one can cause a smoke flue, never created by the stove itself.

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A high chimney provides a greater draft. If the draft is insufficient, the solution may be to make it higher. The diameter of the pipe should never be smaller than the flue of the appliance itself. A circular flue usually provides better draft than a square flue. The use of elbows reduces the draft. If elbows are used, it is better to use two 450 elbows than one 900 elbow.

An open fire requires approximately 300m3 of air each hour, while a closed appliance requires only 30m3 per hour. A kitchen exhaust fan takes more air than a closed fireplace. So this could cause a negative draft, potentially blowing smoke into the room. If we connect outside air to the stove, this would always prevent insufficient air combustion.

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