What month do new reg plates come out?

New registration

The next step to be taken is to pay the road tax of the municipality where we are registered. Each municipality has different rates that start from the same base specified above. This means that there may be exemptions, moratoriums or discounts for electric or hybrid vehicles.

The first thing to do is to go to the ITV. This process is not problematic, with the exception of vehicles coming from North America, where lighting changes are usually applied.

Once the ITV has been passed, we must present the ITV card, the vehicle invoice, the taxes and fees, the registration application, the car papers and, finally, the inspection card.

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Spanish license plate forecast

Depending on the vehicle you intend to register and the purpose of the vehicle, within the registration process there are: Ordinary registration for new vehicles and vehicles coming from abroad, historic, diplomatic.

If your vehicle has an old format license plate Ayuda, with the abbreviations of the province other than the province where you are registered, you can apply for a new format license plate or re-registration. Help

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You can apply for plates to temporarily drive your vehicle until the definitive registration of your vehicle is formalized. These plates, green in color for individuals, are associated with temporary circulation permits that allow you to circulate, for example, for the use and/or transfer of imported foreign vehicles or vehicles that have been deregistered for export to third countries.

For special registrations for diplomatic corps, you should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. You can contact them for information on how to register your vehicle through the mailbox [email protected]

Date license plates

If you want to make license plates for your vehicle you can go to a specialized center or buy them online. In either case you will need to present or send documentation, so that they can register who is requesting it, what car it is for and how many plates are being made.

You will have to make a new plate for any accessory or trailer that covers the license plate of your car. It is also very common to do this procedure if you want to replace a deteriorated license plate or change the old metal plates for the new acrylic polycarbonate ones.

Of course, you can only make license plates for cars that are already registered. That is to say, that at the time the registration and circulation taxes have been paid and the paperwork has been done at the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). This is the only way you will have the necessary documentation for this procedure.

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If the vehicle you want to register does not have the documentation, we recommend you to take a look at the following article to know the necessary steps for your car to have everything in order:

Free vehicle information by license plate

Before, the manufacturer was obliged to homologate the license plates. Now it will be the manufacturer himself who will self-certify, thus eliminating the prior control by the Administration and the manufacturers of the license plates will be responsible for the product they put on the market.

What will happen to the engraved plates that must be replaced by new ones? Who destroys them? For safety reasons, it is still necessary to destroy the engraved plates that need to be replaced. The regulation clarifies it and now it will be the handlers who will ensure their destruction, except in case of theft or loss.

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