What does it mean to be a registered professional engineer?

Professional profile of an industrial engineer example

This solution not only provides engineers with a digital identity tool, but also saves and speeds up processes, avoids face-to-face processes to favor the distancing derived from the issuance of the professional card while increasing the user experience and protecting the planet by reducing the use of materials for physical card issuance processes.

The process of activation and issuance of the card is a process supported by technology of remarkable ease, facilitating the life of engineers and creating agile processes that follow the guidelines of the Colombian state in terms of anti-bureaucracy and dematerialization laws in force.

Role of the engineer

Here the logistic phase becomes present and necessary, applying planning and action capabilities on the part of the engineer. He determines the distribution chains necessary to make all the pairs of shoes produced reach the points of sale; determining the needs and sales capacity of each point or store. Behind this are actions to determine the best routes and means of transportation to move the product.

Surely you have seen or will see people at work measuring the distance between your chair and your desk, or you will also hear them talking to you about the posture of your back when working. We want to tell you that they are related to another field of Industrial Engineering: occupational safety.

This is the area of the companies that is in charge of ensuring that all employees have the optimal conditions to work, including ARL, ergonomics and training. Another area in which engineers have great relevance is Industrial Safety, aimed at policies, methodologies and actions to protect people in the construction of any type of work.

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Branches of engineering

The industrial engineer manages, implements and establishes optimization strategies and integrates techniques and technologies in order to achieve competent, safe and qualified production and management. All this makes it one of the specialized degrees most in demand by society.

Industrial engineering, as a regulated profession and in accordance with the legislation, has professional attributions in the following fields: Industry, Mechanics, Electricity, Chemistry, Construction, Building, Installations, Infrastructures, Urbanism.

The differential value and the key to success of today’s industrial engineering is its generalist and multidisciplinary professional nature, with solid training in basic subjects (physics, chemistry, mathematics and drawing) with in-depth knowledge in mechanics, chemistry, electricity and organization, as well as a great capacity for rapid assimilation and management of different disciplines and technologies, however complex they may be.

To become an industrial engineer it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. The Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Ingenieros Industriales recommends taking the degree in Industrial Technologies, although other degrees can also be taken, with the complements established by each University.

How an engineer lives in the United States

Engineering or engineering degree, that is the dilemma of many kids who have to choose a career. For some, being an engineer means prestige and better job opportunities, while being a bachelor’s degree in some profession simply represents a title with less weight.

Engineering is defined as the study and application of scientific knowledge and techniques applied to the creation, improvement and implementation in physical environments or as technological strategies. Generally, the title of engineer is given to the professional who has completed the academic degree of Licenciatura (which succeeds the baccalaureate or high school), but who has been trained with the type of knowledge and techniques mentioned above.

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However, when referring to the type of programs that exist in the Mexican Higher Education system, the official body makes a classification according to certain characteristics that do not separate engineering from other careers.

The truth is that, depending on the official institution that issues the title of someone who has completed all the credits and requirements for the academic degree, the name will vary, i.e., the UNAM and the National Polytechnic Institute currently give the direct title of Engineer in …, while the programs with official validity of the SEP give priority to the academic degree completed.