What does it mean registration failed in Silhouette?

Porque no me leen las marcas de registro cameo 4

el resultado que tenemos hasta ahora las canciones son geniales, además es genial el ver la meta casi lograda, después de que el proceso de composición termine empezaremos el proceso de pre producción, la grabación y luego procederemos a masterizar el disco, los mantendremos al tanto de eso. altered-symmetry.com

Estamos muy contentos con el resultado logrado hasta ahora, también nos gusta el hecho de ver la meta muy cerca, hemos trabajado muy duro? Luego vendrá el proceso de preproducción y entraremos a grabar y masterizar el disco, les iremos contando como va todo. altered-symmetry.com

Failure to register portrait

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This cutter does not support the registration mark

The first thing to emphasize is that this is for printing and cutting, so something very important to know before you start (and that usually happens to people who are just starting) is that if you are only going to cut you should NOT put registration marks on the document.

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These problems that I have listed are usually the most frequent when a registration failure occurs, but I have also seen cases in which the reason for the registration failure is not very clear. And it is for this reason that it is important to know an option that gives us the program and that is the “manual registration of marks”, which I will explain below.

Once the Silhouette marks on the screen the registration failure, the program gives us the option to retry, and usually people do not usually notice that we get some additional options, which are to try to register again automatically or try it manually.

The manual registration of marks gives us the option to tell the program where those marks are located on our sheet, and therefore gives us another chance to try the registration before we decide to throw away what we have done and start again.

How to cut in cameo without registration marks

16 | Chapter Two: Quick Start GuideWhat You Need to Get StartedAlready have your Silhouette? Then you just need a few more things to start creating! Your machine comes with everything you need to get started, except the cutting material. You’ll need a blade and a mat, but both come with your Silhouette.There are a few other Silhouette tools you’ll need, like a scraper and a hook. Depending on the material you use, you will need them more or less, but they will come in handy for cleaning the excess material off your mat. If you use vinyl, you will need paper or a transport belt. If you use heat transfers, you will need an iron. If you’re using fabric, you’ll need a fabric stabilizer.Then comes the fun part: deciding what you’re going to do with your Silhouette and with what material. Start with a simple project and go from there.Okay, you have an idea of what you want to do.What’s next? We recommend you start using your machine as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid, it’s easier than you think! Using this manual, you’ll learn the basics.

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