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Given the complexity of the Law and the absolute change with respect to the previous model of the Civil Registry, an implementation period is necessarily required from the technological, structural and organizational point of view, for the purpose of providing digital and material means, provision of positions and training of personnel. Fundamentally, from the technological point of view, this extended period of vacatio legis has made possible the appropriate development of the digital platform adapted to the new model, on which all the facts relating to the civil status of the persons who must access the Registry will be recorded, the publication of the registry information in digital format will be organized and telematic access to it will be made possible for the citizens, by means of their electronic identification. All this has been structured with the simultaneous use of the information coming from the old Civil Registry, which is mostly digitalized, but which presents a different data structure, which has required a careful analysis to avoid dysfunctions in the treatment of the registry information and the implementation of the new organizational structure.

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On line: Click here to download the certified copy of your certificate and remember that once you have downloaded it for the first time, you have 24 hours to download it again. It is essential to keep the tracking folio to download the certificate or to make any clarification.When you click on the “download certificate” button, the file should be displayed on your screen and saved in the Downloads folder, or “Downloads”.Presencial: At the Civil Registry closest to your location hereEnter the frequently asked questions about birth certificates online here.

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Note: It is necessary to consider what is established in the Federal Law of Rights where it is indicated the following:Article 6.- To determine the quotas of the rights established in this law will be considered inclusive, the fractions of the weight; notwithstanding, the previous thing to carry out its payment the amount will be adjusted so that those that contain amounts that include from 1 to 50 cents are adjusted to the unit of immediately previous weight and those that contain amounts greater than 50 and up to 99 cents, are adjusted to the unit of immediately superior weight. When in the same act the taxpayer must make the payment of two or more fees, he/she must consider in any case the fee without adjustment that corresponds to each fee, and only to the sum of the same will the adjustment referred to in the preceding paragraph be applied.

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The General Directorate of Multiannual Investment Programming (DGPMI), in order to comply with Law No. 31358, Law that establishes measures for the expansion of concurrent control, communicates the update of its methodological instruments within the framework of the National System of Multiannual Programming and Investment Management, approved through Directorial Resolution No. 004-2019-EF/63.01.

The Sectors are informed that, in accordance with the deadlines established in Annex N° 6 of Directive N° 001-2019-EF/63.01 and its amendments, the Multiannual Investment Programming Module (MPMI) has been enabled for the registration of the numerical values of the gap indicators.

The General Directorate of Multiannual Investment Programming informs that Annex N° 06: Deadlines for the Multiannual Investment Programming Phase (Period 2023-2025) of the General Directive of the National System of Multiannual Programming and Investment Management has been updated.

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