What are the benefits of a profession being registered?

Benefits of being a member of the College of Engineers

Let us bear in mind that the Law of creation of the Official College of Psychologists (Law 43/1979, of December 31, 1979) establishes compulsory membership for all psychology professionals, regardless of their area or field of practice.

The question is: Is it necessary to be a member of a professional association in order to practice any profession? The debate is served. For health professionals or professionals in the world of architecture, engineering or law, it seems obvious. But what happens when a psychologist, for example, works in the field of Human Resources? If he or she is not hired as a psychologist, he or she is not required to be a member of a professional association, however, we understand that it would be highly advisable.

1. For clients and users, hiring a registered professional guarantees, among other advantages, that he or she has sufficient training and accreditation in accordance with the services required, as well as that he or she is bound by a code of ethics which, if contravened, can be reported to the corresponding professional association and, if necessary, sanctioned.

Nursing Licensure

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential to carry out an updated and quality professional practice. The College is responsible for promoting training activities for the improvement of professional activity and the continuing education of its members.

The College is open to participation. Members can and should participate in all the activities and forums of the Association: elections, General Meetings, activities and events, commissions, etc.

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During professional practice, countless legal issues arise that require the advice of a professional. Therefore, in order for the professional to really do what he/she knows how to do, it is essential to have a legal advisory service that helps to interpret and understand the regulations that affect the professional field.

As a member, you can benefit from the advantages included in the agreements and collaboration agreements between the professional association and other entities, mainly discounts on products or services related or unrelated to the profession.

What does it mean to be a collegiate in peru

There are professions that require you to be a member of a professional association in order to practice. Knowing when it is mandatory to be a member of a professional association is essential, especially in jobs related to health and medicine. In this post we analyze the reasons to become a member of a professional association, its advantages and how Clinic Cloud can help you to manage your association.

Colleges are groups that represent and bring together people who practice the same profession. People who become members are protected, but at the same time, they are faced with a series of duties that they must fulfill.

The college, therefore, not only watches over the professionals and their activity, but also protects the user and prevents people who are not prepared to carry out a specific job from committing fraud, putting the user at risk.

The Law of Professional Associations establishes up to 38 professions in which registration is mandatory if you want to practice, this means that a person who has a degree, but does not wish to practice their profession at the moment, does not have to join a professional association.

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What is to become a member in law

The compulsory registration of dentists is an advantage for citizens. The association controls the practice of the profession and ensures that the person working as a dentist is qualified to do so. In addition, it offers quality services, insurance, patient care, relevant documentation, continuous training, etc.  All covered by the strictest professional ethics.

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