What are registration marks Silhouette Cameo?

Why doesn’t it read my cameo 4 registration marks?

In today’s article we tell you about the most common Silhouette Studio errors and the definitive solutions for them. We have compiled from all the official forums the main problems that users encounter with this software when they start working with it.

It is normal that when you are starting out you have never calibrated your plotter, as you may think that it is not necessary and it comes from the factory all set up. And you are not entirely wrong, as Silhouette leaves its machines ready to use, but the calibration is done more from Silhouette Studio.

When we do especially the Print and Cut, it is the moment when we notice the mismatches of cuts. We find documents that move just the same millimeters in all cuts, this is very noticeable and accurate, as it is a way to say that you need to calibrate your plotter.

There are times when the sensor confuses the marks with the simple edge of the mat or with traces of dirt that we have left, this that seems so obvious, gives us many headaches that we can avoid, either by moving the sheet completely to the left edge, or by covering those lines of the mat that can interfere with the detection.

Silhouette portrait registration marks

If you already did the two previous solutions and it didn’t work, let’s go to the next level. After verifying the cutting dimensions and making sure the registration marks are well marked, we should proceed to the next level:

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If this doesn’t work, proceed to slightly lift the mat as you make the cut, to help your machine read the registration marks. Another option is to place your machine properly on a table, leaving a support area at the front of the machine.

If this does not work either, you can proceed to the next step. It is important to know that this step may delete configuration files from your software, so do not use it unless it is completely necessary: You must press “Windows Button” + “R”.

How to cut in cameo without registration marks

The first thing to emphasize is that this is for printing and cutting, so something very important to know before you start (and that usually happens to people who are starting) is that if you are only going to cut you should NOT put registration marks on the document.

These problems that I have listed are usually the most frequent when a registration failure occurs, but I have also seen cases in which the reason for the registration failure is not very clear. And it is for this reason that it is important to know an option that gives us the program and that is the “manual registration of marks”, which I will explain below.

Once the Silhouette marks on the screen the registration failure, the program gives us the option to retry, and usually people do not usually notice that we get some additional options, which are to try to register again automatically or try it manually.

The manual registration of marks gives us the option to tell the program where those marks are located on our sheet, and therefore gives us another chance to try the registration before we decide to throw away what we have done and start again.

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Error in the cameo registration mark sensor

To print and cut with registration marks in Versaworks, we will have to go to where it says settings, there we will go to where the option MARKS, and here we will activate the check box for CUT MARKS (Alignment of printing and cutting). Then go to the icon that says CUT CONTORLES and select PRINT ONLY.

https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/setup/es/cameo-4 After completing the registration process requested by Silhouette you will be able to install the program, you can download it directly from the Silhouette America website.

The Silhouette Cameo 4 desktop cutting machine cuts a wide variety of materials including: thin card stock, foamy, fabric, magnet paper, paper, adhesive vinyl, acetate, textile vinyl, cardboard, felt, balsa wood, etc. Silhouette cameo 4 plotter for cutting materials.

The optical sensor must not be touched. The most it can have is some dust, so blowing with an air spray of those sold to clean the computer keyboard should be more than enough.

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