Do you have a residency permit or certificate of registration as an EU EEA citizen from the Danish Immigration Service?

Certificate of Union Citizen Registration expiration date

The Certificate of Conformity is an official document of the European Union (EU). The Certificate of Conformity confirms that the individual has obtained his or her qualification in accordance with EU minimum standards. This will be referred to as “conformity of training”. For the recognition of professional qualifications, the Certificate of Conformity is required when the professional qualification to be recognized was obtained before the country of training joined the EU. The Certificate of Conformity is issued for professional qualifications with automatic recognition.

For some self-employed activities and trades the following is important: The person must have the knowledge or ability to perform certain activities. Written proof of experience or competence must be provided. Only then the person receives permission to carry out certain activities in the profession. The document with this permission is called a qualification certificate or certificate of competence.

Family members of EU citizens

During the first three months of stay in another country, non-EU citizen family members are not required to apply for a residence document confirming their right to live there, although in some countries they may have to notify their presence upon arrival.

The authorities must make a decision on the issuance of the residence card within six months. If they fail to do so, you can call on our support services. In any case, non-EU family members cannot be expelled if their visa expires while their application is being processed.

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If the application is accepted, the issuance of the residence card will probably be free of charge. In any case, it may not cost more than similar identity documents issued to citizens of that country.

Your family members can use their residence card to travel to another EU country, but if they want to move to another EU country they have to apply for another residence card in the new country of destination. Also, as long as they remain dependent on you, you will have to move with them.

Certificate of registration as a citizen of the European Union by appointment.

2. Copy of the complete passport valid and in force. In the event that it has expired, a copy of the passport and the renewal application must be provided. The original document must be shown at the time of submitting the application.

Updated marriage certificate, or certification issued by the person in charge of the corresponding registry of couples. The marital status of the members of the domestic partnership must also be accredited, by means of the corresponding certificate.

At the moment of the presentation of the application, a 10.20 euro fee form is handed in, to be paid at any bank, prior to the issuance of the EU citizen’s family card.

The residence card must be issued within three months after the application is filed. The favorable resolution takes effect from the moment of the application.

European Union Spouse

The same applies to citizens of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You can travel to Finland if you have a valid identity card or passport. You have the right to work, conduct business and study in Finland under the same conditions as Finnish citizens. You must provide for your own subsistence in Finland.

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You may stay in Finland continuously for a maximum of three months without registering as a resident. If you wish to stay in Finland and register as a resident, you must have a job or an ongoing business, a place as a student, long-term family ties or sufficient funds for subsistence.

If you intend to live in Finland for more than three months, you must apply to the migration authority (Maahanmuuttovirasto) for registration of the right of residence for EU citizens. The application must be submitted within three months of arrival in the country.

You cannot register as a resident in Finland or apply for registration of the right of residence just because you are looking for a job. In order to be able to stay in Finland, you must have a job or one of the reasons listed above, or sufficient funds to live on.

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