Who won the Sony?


Japan’s research committee during World War II, was the medium where physicist Akio Morita met engineer Masaru Ibuka. However they take different paths and lose contact before the surrender of Japan in the summer of 1945. In September Ibuka returned to Tokyo, which had been devastated by the Allied bombing, and on the third floor of a warehouse, he created the company called Totsuken (Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute).[9] In this post-war Japan, Ibuka was the first to be trained as an engineer.

In this post-war Japan, the company repaired radios and manufactured shortwave converters or adapters that could easily convert medium-wave radios into superheterodynes or wave receivers of any length, the demand for which was growing rapidly. The adapters attracted attention, and the Asahi Shimbun newspaper published an article about them.[30] The internationalization of the radio industry was a major factor in the development of the Asahi Shimbun.

Sony’s internationalization led to an expansion of its corporate image, which was manifested in initiatives such as the construction of the Sony Center as part of the German reunification process that began after the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. When it opened in 2000, the complex at Potsdamer Platz was seen as a symbol of the rebirth of the German capital.[44] The Sony Center was also a symbol of the rebirth of the German capital.[44] The Sony Center is a symbol of the city’s renaissance.

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LIT KILLAH vs G SONY (Exhibition Battle)

There was no better way to chase away ghosts than to sign Henley’s first nine holes this Sunday at the Sony Open. He opened with a birdie on 2 and capped a remarkable sequence with three birdies and an eagle between holes 6 and 9. At that moment he was five strokes ahead. The tournament was a foregone conclusion… Or so it seemed.

Who knows if it was unconsciously or what, but it seemed as if Henley considered the tournament to be over. To a certain extent it is almost logical. His second shot on the 9th hole, less than a meter from the hole for eagle, seemed the perfect culmination to his triumph. But nine holes of golf can go a long way.

The playoff had very little history. Matsuyama hit two Masters champion shots: a tee shot and a 3-wood just over a meter from the hole for eagle. Short circuit for Henley who could not even get the par. Victory for Hideki, eighth of his career in the PGA Tour and fourth playoff he has won out of the five he has played.

Who won the Sony HXR-NX30?

Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama was crowned champion of the Sony Open of Hawaii, a tournament belonging to the American PGA circuit, after winning the first hole of the playoff against American Russell Henley.

Henley, who came close to his second Sony Open victory after winning in 2013, holed four birdies in the first eight holes and followed with an eagle on the 9th that allowed him to maintain his lead over Japan’s Matsuyama until the 18th hole despite making a mistake on the 11th and continuing the final holes over par.

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The reigning champion of the tournament, American Kevin Na, who began the first round of the tournament leading by three strokes over the runner-up, was unable to overcome the poor score of the second round and finished in twentieth position with 267 accumulated strokes.


Japanese multinational technology company Sony fell nearly 7% in Thursday’s mid-session on the Tokyo Stock Exchange a day after presenting its financial results for the nine months to December, in which it reduced its profits. At the break of trading on the Tokyo stock market, Sony’s share price lost 6.67% and stood at 12,505 yen (about 96.70 euros). Sony plunged as much as 8.6% before cutting its losses and was the second most traded company on the local trading floor.

The company’s shares had risen 4.93% at the close yesterday, before the publication of the results, which its investors seemed to welcome today with lukewarm despite the upward revision of its annual forecasts for its good prospects in its branches of video games and movies.

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