Where is TTOO located?


Sociedades laborales) (ley 4/1997), Tirant lo Blanch, 1997, página 176; VALPUESTA GASTAMINZA,E./BARBERENA BELZUNCE,I. Las sociedades laborales. Aspectos societarios, laborales y fiscales. Aranzadi.páginas 207 señala además que

programas para Hoteles, Turoperadores y Agencias de Viajes, cubriendo todas las áreas de gestión de riesgos del sector turístico: Daños Materiales, Responsabilidad Civil de Hoteles (gestión de reclamaciones), Responsabilidad Civil de Turoperadores y Agencias de Viajes.

Dicha experiencia se extiende a todos los ámbitos del turismo, desde Organismos Oficiales a AAVV receptivas, mayoristas, minoristas y divisiones de Congresos y Convenciones en diferentes países y zonas

Esta experiencia llega a todas las actividades turísticas, desde Organismos Oficiales, hasta agencias de viajes receptivas y emisoras, touroperadores, minoristas y departamentos de eventos y congresos en diferentes países. bluelink-me.com


That is to say, if with the crisis it is difficult to raise the price to maintain the same level of profitability, due to the increase in the cost of the shopping basket and the increase in VAT, why don’t we focus part of our commercial efforts on selling in more profitable channels.

In any case, opening sales in the OTAS does not mean having to stop working with the TTOOs, but it does mean gaining market share from them in order to maintain profitability levels or sell what they are not able to sell. Or rather, sell more and comply with the basic principle of any company, “maximize profits or GOP.

Ttoo tourism

Why invest in a website with its own booking engine? Simply because not doing so means losing sales. If you want to save commissions and have total control of your hotel’s content, be sure to read this post.

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Imagine that you go to a store (your hotel’s website) and you want to buy a product (a reservation in your hotel). But to buy it you are sent to another store (a Tour Operator). It is possible that in this other store you find another product that catches your attention more, at a better price or simply that appears in a better position.

Check prices and offers, customer benefits and conditions. Modify the content first hand and play with the pricing policy and revenue management (or yield management) – become an expert of your hotel!

In addition, you will directly obtain the customer’s data long before he arrives at your hotel. Send them interesting information about your city, local festivals and the best restaurants – you’ll build customer loyalty even before they board their plane!

Otas tourism

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