What is BV per share?

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In the Disease Information section you will find basic information on topics such as “What is it?” and “How many people are affected?”. In addition, this section answers specific frequently asked questions on a given topic.

However, BV is associated with certain risks to the fetus, including delivering a premature (before 37 weeks of pregnancy) or low birth weight (usually 5.5 pounds or less) baby.2 If you are planning a pregnancy and have recently been diagnosed with BV, discuss your plans with a health care provider. He or she will be able to do a follow-up exam to ensure that your BV has been successfully treated before you try to get pregnant.

For these reasons, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that any woman who has had a premature delivery or a low birth weight baby be tested for BV. Other women who are planning to become pregnant should discuss BV testing with their health care provider.6

Gardnerella due to infidelity symptoms

Both BV and vaginal candidiasis are common causes of vaginal discharge. They have similar symptoms, so it can be hard to tell if you have BV or vaginal yeast infection. Only your doctor or nurse can tell you for sure if you have BV.

If you have BV, your male sexual partner will not need treatment. However, if you are female and have a female sex partner, she could also get BV. If your current partner is female, she should consult with her doctor. She may also need treatment.

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BV and vaginal yeast infections are treated differently. BV is treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Vaginal yeast infection can be treated with over-the-counter medicines. But you can’t treat BV with over-the-counter medicines prescribed for vaginal yeast infections.

Yes. The medicines used to treat BV are safe for pregnant women. All pregnant women with symptoms of BV should be tested and treated if they have BV.

Gardnerella vagίnalίs treatment

Foreign source income is defined as income from a source located outside the national territory. Foreign source income is not categorized and is considered for tax purposes as long as it has been received. For example, Foreign Source Income is, among others:

Foreign Source Income is added to the Second Category Net Income, only by exception, provided that it comes from the alienation of shares and other transferable securities that comply with any of the 2 conditions established in Article 51° of the Income Tax Law:

Foreign Source Income from the Disposal of shares and other marketable securities will be added and compensated among themselves and if a net income will result, this will be added to the Net Income of the Second Category produced by the disposal of the referred assets.

If a Foreign Source Income is generated by the sale of securities, without complying with any of the assumptions of article 51 of the Law, it shall not be added to the Second Category Income, but shall be added to the Labor Income.

Gardnerella consequences

With the liquidation of OPC, RELAPASAA has been able to reduce its atomized shareholding through a transparent and regulated acquisition process that protects the rights of minority shareholders and includes an independent valuation.

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In addition to the above, this transaction revitalizes the Peruvian stock market as it: (i) it has given movement to a market that has been affected by the uncertainty generated by various economic, political and social factors, and (ii) non-institutional shareholders have monetized their investment at a value determined by an independent valuation entity, generating liquidity and depth to the movement of listed shares.