Is EPS the same as basic EPS?

Negative Eps

You do not require a referral from a general practitioner. You do not require authorization from the EPS You have an exclusive directory of specialist doctors that are part of the EPS SURA Complementary Plan care network.

As a member of the EPS SURA PBS you must call your IPS to request an appointment with your Family Doctor or request it directly through the button: “PAC virtual procedures” option “Request and cancellation of appointments for general medicine, dentistry and optometry”.

The Family Doctor or Specialist is the one who orders the pertinent Diagnostic Aids according to the state of health of the person. In case you require Laboratory Tests or other Diagnostic Aids, the authorization will indicate the name of the institution where they should be performed, with its address and telephone number.

The home physician will check your health condition, if he/she orders generic medicines, after the care, you must go to your Basic IPS to authorize the corresponding orders or carry out the procedure through the button “Trámites Virtuales PAC” option “Health Authorizations”.

What is a company’s eps

In principle, it is a fairly simple calculation to perform. EPS is obtained by dividing the net profits obtained by a company over a period of time by the number of common shares outstanding.

Then, there are more refined calculations that consist of adjusting both the denominator and numerators of the equation to obtain a more adjusted EPS. These adjustments include options, convertible debt or warrants, in the case of the denominator. The numerator is usually adjusted by incorporating the weighted average number of shares.

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The formula above shows a basic earnings per share, also known as basic EPS. However, there is a calculation that could modify the basic result. It consists of taking into account shares that could be put into circulation as stock options. In this case, we are talking about earnings per diluted share.

Diluted EPS is usually shown in the earnings reports filed by companies. All possible variants of shares outstanding have already been considered. Changes in the total number of shares outstanding during a period are considered through the weighted average number of shares.

What is eps in finance

Stop asking yourself “what is EPS”, “what does EPS mean”, or “what is the translation of earnings per share” and let us answer each and every one of your questions, in this article you will find all the detailed information about earnings per share with real examples from the world of finance. Let’s get started!

This does not mean that if an earnings per share result is negative, the company is on the wrong track. Although it is undoubtedly a factor that is usually taken into account much more in places like investment funds, the reality is that this value may indicate a transformation from one time to another, because it is logical that at the beginning of a company the EPS tends to be negative, and as time passes, its value is reduced, approaching 0 or even transferring it to the positive side, which means that it would start giving good dividends, if that is its purpose or investment purpose.

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This parameter should not be underestimated, since it is one of the most used measures to evaluate the business performance, although the importance given to this data will depend on the investment method you are learning or using at the moment. In our investment model, which I invite you to learn about with our stock market course, it is an important parameter, but not a determining one, so if you find a negative EPS, it does not have to rule out a good investment possibility.

What is eps

Page contentThe core of the General Social Security Health System -SGSSS in Colombia is the Obligatory Health Plan -POS, which corresponds to the package of basic services in the areas of health recovery, disease prevention and temporary income coverage -economic benefits- when there is incapacity to work due to illness, accidents or maternity.

Consult the Colombian Mandatory Health Plan (Plan Obligatorio de Salud de Colombia -POS) portal. There you will find updated lists of medicines, procedures and services included in the POS of both the contributory regime and the POS of the subsidized regime, the current regulations, a set of frequently asked questions classified by topics, national and international technical documents that address the problems of the SGSSS and the POS, and all the information on the Sufficiency Study of the Capitation Payment Unit – UPC from 2004 to date.

In order to achieve the affiliation of the poor and vulnerable population of the country to the General System of Social Security in Health – SGSSS, the Colombian State has defined the Subsidized Health Regime as its effective means of access to the exercise of the fundamental Right to Health. The Territorial Entities are responsible for the adequate operation of their processes, by virtue of their decentralized competence for the welfare of the population in their jurisdiction. Thus, the Municipalities, Districts and Departments have specific functions regarding the identification and affiliation of the target population, as well as the investment, contracting and monitoring of the execution of the resources that finance the Regime (resources from their own efforts, from the Nation (SGP) and from the FOSYGA). Likewise, it is the duty of the Territorial Entities to monitor and supervise the effective access to the services contracted by the EPS-S, on the part of the beneficiary population, i.e., on the execution of the contracts signed with the EPS-S.

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