How good was Jared Dudley?

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But Dudley was able to coach quickly and joined Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kidd, who was an assistant with the Lakers when Dudley played for the team. It meant Dudley would get an early start on his coaching career sooner than he expected.

“I wanted to play one last season with the Lakers, to be honest, but I also love coaching,” Dudley said. “I’ve always wanted to coach and for J-Kidd to give me this opportunity, I’m very grateful.

What I’m enjoying now is filtering these basketball games. Watching the teams play five to seven games. To understand the matchups, how we want to protect them, skew them and take them away. And so, for me, just learning that and being in these coaches meetings, getting analysis reports, helped me become a better basketball coach. I always thought I had a high IQ, but to have so many other influences to add to your knowledge and that was something that was incredibly enjoyable.

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Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard-forward Jared Dudley on Wednesday called it a “misconception” that the NBA would resume the season in some sort of “bubble” that is so closely monitored that players won’t be able to leave the facility until all games are over.

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In a sarcastic tone, Dudley commented that the situation would be akin to telling players “we’re letting you out.” Dudley spoke to reporters in a video conference and cited conversations he had with NBA commissioner Adam Silver and National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts.

It would be “kind of selfish,” Dudley explained, for a player to do so. That’s the case not only because it could put others at risk, although if a player were to contract the coronavirus on or off the bubble, Dudley believes frequent testing would show it fairly quickly, but also because it would eliminate him from being able to compete with his team for two weeks while he quarantines himself.

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NBA moves continue to happen, although not all of them affect players directly. Teams continue to modify some of their pieces, giving exit to a number of players and entry to other high-level players that can raise the performance of the teams. But these changes not only affect the players on the court, but also the coaching staff and its composition.

This is the case of the Dallas Mavericks, who after appointing Jason Kidd as their coach for the upcoming season, were looking in the market for the possibility of adding an assistant who could contribute as much as possible to the roster led by Luka Doncic.

However, it is usual that many veteran players end up leaving the ball for the pen and the notebook, but more gradually and not as directly as what has happened with Jared Dudley.

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After accumulating many games without minutes in the discipline of the Los Angeles Lakers, the veteran forward has decided to abandon the shorts and join the Dallas Mavericks, but being the assistant to his coach.

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So far it was known that LeBron only had three close friends in the NBA, but as it appeared the circle of friendships of ‘The King’ expanded because he had a meeting with two players in the league in which they drank nine bottles of alcohol and had a “crazy” night.

In a story uploaded by LeBron James this weekend via his Instagram account, ‘The King’ posted an image of nine bottles along with the caption, “Last night was crazy.” In the post, the Lakers star tagged several friends including Draymond Green and Jared Dudley.

Apparently, Green and Dudley join LeBron’s select list of NBA friends and share with ‘The King’ of crazy nights of drinking during his vacation. The Golden State Warriors power forward and the Lakers small forward: two privileged to share with James on vacation.

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