Why the Great Commission is so important?

The great lucas commission

But where do I start? Do you want to start a family, get married and have children?    If so, ask God to help you find the person He has in mind for you, and together you can share this missionary longing.    If not, you can also make your choice for a celibate life, consecrated to God, and dedicated to the mission.    If, you feel that this is the path you have to take, you feel that going to another land (which is what is commonly called mission) is your vocation, fast and pray and talk to your pastor and then to some council leader to see the opportunities in the mission field.

Objectives of the Great Commission

The word sent comes from the word “apostello” and means to commission, to set apart for special service, to send a message through someone or with a mission, to equip and send someone with the full backing and authority of the sender.

These verses declare a mandate and a mission: “Thus I also send you” – just as the Father sent his Son to bring salvation to all human beings who believe, so we are sent to bring that divine message to all. We are sent as bearers of that great message which is salvation, in order to carry the spirit of its truth: the forgiveness of sins.

Only the breath of His Spirit can enable us to march obediently toward that goal. The message – salvation – and its meaning – forgiveness – are ours, with the commitment that we deliver them; we need to receive the Holy Spirit to do both. This, beloved brethren, is our Great Commission. God bless you.

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The big commission frames

In their place of work, of residence, in hospitals, nursing homes and in addition to actively participating in the evangelization of their neighbors. Where the intensification of the proclamation of the good news to our relatives who have been infected because they have turned to us has abounded. May we pray for them. At the same time, it has abounded through all the virtual media.

Because crises only disturb the hearts, and we can not fail to take advantage of the great opportunity that now, more than ever there are many people. Who have a great fear and despair because there are many families, mostly without Christ, who have lost one or more of their relatives.

The Great Commission, regardless of the increase in Internet traffic, whether permanent or temporary. It is clear that the reach of online evangelism in the face of the massive demand of online visitors is global.

This mostly motivates us to take advantage of the high sensitivity of souls to the openness they have to hear the gospel message daily.    It happens with people who are around us because they know that the gospel brings good news of health. Both for the soul and for the body.

The great commission reflection

In the first century B.C., the members of the growing Church in Corinth were enthusiastic about the Gospel. Almost all were recent converts to the Church; many had come attracted by the preaching of the apostle Paul and others.

The Pharisees had discussed that question many times, and had found more than 600 commandments6. If putting them in order of importance had been an extremely difficult task for the scholars, surely they thought that for the son of a carpenter from Galilee, the question would be impossible to answer.

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The Scriptures tell us that “if anyone loves God, he is known by him “8. 8 What a wonderful promise: to be known by Him. To think that the Creator of heaven and earth could know us and love us with a pure and everlasting love lifts our spirits.

Love is the beginning, middle and end of the path of a disciple; it comforts, counsels, heals and comforts, and guides us through the valley of darkness and the veil of death. In the end, love leads us to the glory and grandeur of eternal life.