What is the best site to sell artwork?

Where to sell antique paintings

Nowadays the Internet has become one of the most important pieces for any kind of business, no matter what area you work in, the possibilities of being able to sell or establish any kind of business on the Internet are many. Currently there are millions of users who decide to place their products or services for sale in the different websites that exist, taking into account that some are better than others.

These websites will allow you to place for sale any type of object you want, which is why this has become a great advantage for all artists, as this is a way for them to show all their art to others and also place them for sale. There are specialized sites for the sale of paintings and works of art. Sites dedicated to art lovers where they can get a lot of objects to buy.

However, there are many artists who daily look for sites to publish their different art creations and sell them in order to generate an economic income. That is why here we bring you a list of the best websites where you can sell your paintings and artwork online.

Art buyers

Have you ever thought about buying works of art or selling pieces you already have in your collection? Before you embark on this adventure, it is important that you know how to do it. That’s why today we offer you several tips that will help you avoid making mistakes. If you take into account what we tell you below, it will be much easier for those works with which you feel a connection at first sight to be yours; or if, on the contrary, you are thinking of getting rid of one of them, now you will know what steps to follow:

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Nowadays there are three types of market to buy and sell works of art: on the one hand we have the galleries and the fairs, on the other hand the auctions and, if not, you can also buy them online.

But we must emphasize that the fairs are the most important platforms for buying and selling art. Although we must not forget the galleries, which is where the professional career of an artist is really promoted.

Purchase: The first thing is to locate what you like, then you should talk to the gallery.    When you decide to buy, they will give you the documentation. This documentation consists of a certificate of authenticity -although the work is signed, it is important-, catalogs or texts about the artist and the invoice, which works as a proof of ownership.

How to sell art

The Internet offers artists hundreds of opportunities to make themselves known and promote their work. Digital portfolios and galleries, specialized social networks, online art auctions… Looking for new ways to bring your creations to light?

For the promotion of your artistic work on the Internet it is essential that you have quality images in which the details of your work are faithfully appreciated. If you are a photographer you will not have this problem, but if you are a painter or sculptor you have probably already realized how problematic it is sometimes to faithfully portray colors or shapes.

The photographs of your works must be totally clear and correctly illuminated, in addition, you have to provide images with different views and details of the pieces. Remember that the better the images are, the more confidence they will generate in the client, increasing the probabilities of sale.

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On the Internet, to sell your work, you must make yourself known as an artist. Remember that the artistic product is marked by numerous connotations of an immaterial nature that transcend the work itself, including the perception of its authorship.

Where to sell digital art

Selling on the Internet offers great sales potential. E-commerce is a growing market that can be interesting not only for full-time entrepreneurs: selling products online allows to generate profits also for those people who do it only in their spare time. In turn, major brands such as Amazon also rely on this business model.

Looking for an alternative to Etsy? Online marketplace platforms are a staple for many artists and crafters. If Etsy is too expensive or complicated for you, or if you simply want to look for another portal, here you will find a list of the best alternatives to Etsy.

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