What are the qualities of a deacon?

Characteristics of Deacons in the Early Church

Presentation of the topic: “The Characteristics of a Servant. Deacons Who were they and what did they do? There came a time in the life of the church, that by reason of its growth it became.”- Transcript of the presentation:

Acts 6:1-7 1.There was a need (v. 1) diakonia 2.They invited the community to choose (v.2-3a) diakoneo 3.They gave the characteristics to look for (3b) a)Good testimony b)Filled with the Holy Spirit c)Filled with Wisdom 4.The Kingdom of God would advance (4-7)

1 Timothy 3:8-13 1.Personal Conduct In their dealings with others: a)Honest, i.e. respectable to others. (one who takes his role seriously) b)Unduplicitous, of one word, not a liar. (one who gossips, one who is quick to talk about private matters. Also, a person is apt to say one thing to one person and another to another person to obtain his own personal goals).

1 Timothy 3:8-13 1.Personal Conduct In dealing with others: a)Not given to much wine. b)Neither dishonest in money, not cheating in business (In New Testament times those serving in the church would be involved in passing money to widows, orphans and needy people. Money would also have to be collected and distributed for purposes other than to conduct the affairs of the church).

Qualifications of Bishops 1 Timothy 3 1 7

Page ContentThe diaconate has its origin in apostolic times and flourished in the first four centuries of church history. Later, for very complex reasons, the diaconate began to decline until it remained only a stepping stone to the presbyterate in the Western Church.

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When the Second Vatican Council restored the diaconate as a permanent ministry in the Church, it did so for three principal reasons: first, a desire to restore the Church to its full apostolic ministerial activities.    Second, a desire to integrate and strengthen those who were in fact already exercising diaconal functions, and third, to better serve the needs of the people.

By the grace of ordination, the deacon inspires, promotes, and helps to coordinate the service that the whole church should assume in imitation of Christ. He has special responsibility to identify and introduce to the Church those in need. In the midst of these people the deacon speaks about Christ and offers them a variety of assistance from the Church. Not only that, but in the Church he must also speak of those in need, articulate their needs and inspire and mobilize the whole community to respond. He becomes the connection of how the church reaches out to the needy and the needy challenge the church.

Deacon in the Adventist Church

The epistle to the Philippians, tentatively dated A.D. 54-61,[2] is addressed to the episkopoi (bishops) and diakonoi, i.e., deacons or assistants (Philippians 1:1). This mention of presbyters and deacons is considered today as an embryonic antecedent of the present hierarchy.[3] The book of the Acts of the Apostles, Acts 1:1.

The book of the Acts of the Apostles, dated 60-70 AD,[4] recounts the constitution by the Apostles of what might be considered the first seven deacons of the Jerusalem Church.

Simon Peter consecrates Stephen (kneeling) as a deacon of the Jerusalem church. Fresco from the Niccoline Chapel, Apostolic Palace, Vatican City. Behind and standing are six other ordained deacons.

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The apostle Paul in his epistle to the Romans, in chapter 16 verse one refers to a woman named Phoebe “who is a deaconess of the church of Cenchrea”, so it can be deduced that the diaconate was exercised by both men and women alike.

Difference between a bishop and a deacon according to the Bible

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 was universally a day of grace for the Congregation of Redemptorists, especially for the Redemptorists of the Indonesian Province. At the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Weetebula, Bishop Edmund Woga, C.Ss.R., Bishop of the Diocese of Weetebula, ordained five deacons. The Bishop’s concelebrants were Fr. Kimy Ndelo, C.Ss.R., and Fr. Tony Zada, C.Ss.R.

Here are the Redemptorist deacons, namely, Hendrikus Yulianus AH Resing CSsR, Gervasius Patola Kenoba CSsR, Herman Yoseph D. Wea C.Ss.R., Gabriel Tay Hunga Meha C.Ss.R. and Heribertus Angi Lewar C.Ss.R .

The Eucharistic celebration was attended by Redemptorist priests, confreres and students working on Sumba Island, relatives, acquaintances and friends of the Redemptorists. In his sermon, the bishop reminded the jubilarian of the qualities of a deacon as written in 1 Timothy 3: 8-13.

We pray that the newly ordained deacons will remain faithful in the path of their vocation and diligently live their missionary spirit by being ministers who bring the love of Christ to the people they serve wherever they are sent, especially among the poorest.

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