Is an embalmer a mortician?

Uncensored embalming

Embalming is a process used to temporarily inhibit the decomposition process. The embalming process is invasive (see below for a description) and involves the use of formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that has shown high rates of certain cancers in embalmers.

The costs of embalming, dressing and cosmetics are generally covered under a single price and vary considerably. Our recent survey of funeral prices indicated that prices can vary as much as 160%. Final prices range from $495 to $1290.

It is mandatory to embalm a body in Mexico.

The end of earthly life as we know it is a completely natural and often inevitable process. Curiously, although death is a certain destiny, few are really prepared to cope with it, whether it is their own or that of a loved one. In many cases, people need some processing time before saying goodbye, and for this there are embalming funeral services.

While it is a very effective technique in its purpose, the truth is that it is not used in all cases as many believe. In most cases, embalming is used in the case of very well known personalities in a territory, whose funerals usually take several days. A good example is religious leaders, presidents and even personalities from the artistic world.

Despite this, the funeral industry continues to promote such practices among ordinary individuals, perhaps as a very subtle form of marketing. Many people request or agree to embalming as a way of honoring the memory of the deceased. Not to do so would imply inferior treatment -even though there is no real religious or scientific basis for doing so.

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How much it costs to embalm a body

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What I liked the most was the sutures. I’ve really got into the training and I have already contacted a funeral company where they require these services to work. This course, without a doubt, has opened professional doors for me.

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By means of these tanatopractor distance learning courses, the aim is to offer the students the adequate training to develop their professional career in the morgue. For this purpose, the following objectives, among others, are established:

Modern embalming

You acquire the techniques of embalming the corpse as well as the managerial and administrative aspects of funeral homes. You develop all the skills for the handling and preparation of the lifeless body to delay its decomposition in compliance with sanitary protocols and restore the physical appearance of the deceased, as well as knowledge for the provision of funeral services that may include the preparation of the wake and funeral, transfers of bodies to the funeral home and cemetery, and the necessary documentation in these processes. *Day Schedule

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Apply supervisory and management skills in the administration of a funeral home and organize funeral details. Use protocols, customs and religious rites applicable to the case of embalming. Students of the career receive an academic preparation according to the demands of the labor market.

You could find employment as an Embalming Technician, Administrator, Funeral Director or Agent, Forensic Medicine Assistant, in funeral homes, mortuary transfer providers, cemeteries or cremation services.