Do train conductors make good money?

How much does a ferromex locomotive cost?

I hate this witch hunt that has been started against the workers. It would be great for me if you were paid a good salary, it doesn’t make me happier and richer to see workers mistreated and poor. What I don’t agree with is that publishing salary data has no repercussions. Remember the controllers, I know the published data was false, all of it, not just their salaries and yet the repercussions for them and the profession were dire.

I notice some difference between how the controllers express themselves, the Spanair staff now and the machinists participating in this forum. Evidently, to move a ‘regulator’ it is not necessary to study much and with what they are paid, they can be so arrogant, arrogant and offensive. Here they cannot exercise the force of the strike, but the force of reason. That’s the way it is.

I don’t know if these post’s will reach the eyes of the minister of the branch, but this must change. It would be a pity if what has happened to Spanaire happens to Renfe, but mismanagement may be the cause. The State and the citizens should not have to put up with this waste.

What does it take to be a train driver?

“It was a clear creation of the company, of Navascués and García Valverde,” evokes the former CCOO leader of the railway sector, Paco Naranjo. “Seeing the power we had, he convinced train drivers from CCOO and UGT and sent them with all expenses paid to Marbella or thereabouts to hold a founding congress.”

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Naranjo recalls that Semaf was born as a novelty and was quickly welcomed. “There was a time when we exercised a lot of control over membership and we found that there were many cases of double membership! To our union and to Semaf, for example”. The former CCOO leader recognizes that Semaf obtained benefits for the train drivers, “things that basically we were asking for the entire workforce and we were systematically denied.” “Obviously it is a yellow union, but it did its job,” concedes Naranjo, who has just presented a book on trains, “Los carriles de la vida” (The Rails of Life).

For Villa, the birth of the train drivers’ union was a mistake and this is reflected in his work. “The result is well known, the corporate union Semaf has been and continues to be a continuous headache for Renfe’s management due to its capacity to intimidate and paralyze the service without the need to count on the other groups in the company,” he says with declared pessimism. Villa was not a great friend of assemblies. “The power of the two class-based and therefore transversal unions was exchanged for that of the same unions plus a corporate and much more dangerous one”.

Railroad Salary 2020

Train drivers have great job options. They will have to meet a series of requirements and obtain a specific qualification if they want to dedicate themselves to it and if they are interested in opposing for a position in a company like Renfe.

Who has never imagined what it is like to drive a train? We all know these large vehicles that are used to transport either goods or passengers along the railways. In fact, most of us have probably traveled by train, but what does a train driver actually do?

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Train drivers must be highly responsible and autonomous people. Why? Because, once in the train cab, the professional will be on his own, totally responsible for his work, without supervision. The driver will always be in contact with the central office through a radio communication system, however, in case he has to receive orders or instructions or report any incident. We can consider communication, therefore, as a very important factor for this work. It is not in vain that a correct handling of the radio system can prevent accidents or emergencies. On the other hand, the train driver is also responsible for verifying that his vehicle is in perfect condition before starting each journey. Otherwise, he will not be able to circulate.

Train driver mexico

To be eligible for a job of this type, it is necessary to have a series of theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to handle all the electrical devices that make up a train.  This knowledge must be demonstrated in a series of selection tests, which include theoretical examinations and psycho-technical tests to assess the capabilities of the future train driver or engineer.

Any person wishing to become a train driver or engineer nowadays must take a series of training courses. These courses are given by those training centers that are approved by the State Agency for Railway Safety (AESF).  Places in these centers are limited.  The licensing course is, in the first place, essential to obtain the Category A certificate.

This course provides the necessary training and authorization to drive shunting locomotives and work trains at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour over a distance of 140 kilometers.  To obtain the license, the course must be at least 425 hours. Of these, 120 hours will be of practical training, with 56 hours within this of actual driving.

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