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Catholic University

To celebrate your day, we will draw among you 7 winners, each of whom will be able to choose as a prize one of the following titles that our bookstore friend Chevengur ( has suggested for you.Cross your fingers and think of your favorite.Congratulations!

October 16, what’s happening on this day: In 1974, the Colegio de Profesores, an institution that watches over the protection of the rights of this guild throughout the national territory, was founded. In 1977 it was decreed that it would also be the date to celebrate the day of the teacher in Chile, which was previously celebrated on December 10 in commemoration of the Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to Gabriela Mistral in 1945. Having a special day to recognize the work they do reminds us of the importance of their role in our society, as mediators of a central and complex process such as learning. On this day, we would like to congratulate all our teachers, who make this program a special place, thanks to their work and dedication. Congratulations on your day!


Those who have taken the University Transition Test (PDT), must enter the website to find out if they were accepted in the respective houses of studies to which they applied.

Possibly, one of the educational institutions that received the most applications during the process was the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), which has already published an enrollment guide for its future new students.

In the case of students entering through special admission channels (such as BEA, PACE, High Performance Athletes, Intercultural, Talent and Inclusion, Nace Ingeniería, Children of Academics and Civil Servants, Habilitación a Pedagogía), “they will be informed by e-mail how to register”.

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At this stage, the selected student will see the data he/she provided during the PDT enrollment process. In this way, he/she will be able to review, fill out, correct or update the information that has changed.

Virtual Puc

HomeInformation for VisaRegistration at the Federal Revenue – CPF (Cadastro de Persona Física)Registration at the Federal Police – Carteira de Registro Nacional MigratórioProcedure for Opening an AccountPUC Online for StudentsE-mail Account

If your affiliation is not identified in your passport, bring a document containing this information. The Consulate will inform you if you need to translate and authenticate the document to make it valid in Brazil.

To open an account it is necessary to have the CPF and the National Migratory Registration Card (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório – CRNM) or to have the protocol (delivery receipt) of registration at the Federal Police.

Enrollment uc 2021 alumni

The idea of founding a Catholic university in Chile was promoted by the leaders of Chilean Catholicism at the end of the 19th century and supported by both the mass of the Catholic faithful and the ecclesiastical hierarchy of the time.

By founding its own private and autonomous university, the Catholic Church in Chile wanted to respond to the liberal tendencies of the time, such as the secular laws promoted during the government of President Domingo Santa María, which allowed Chileans of colonial origin to be born, marry and die without having to pass through the altars of the Church, with the State assuming the functions of civil registration of persons and burial regulations.

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The university reform had great episodes, such as those experienced in 1967 when the students, grouped in the FEUC (Student Federation) protested against the continuity of the rector Alfredo Silva Santiago, before which they decided to occupy the building of the Central House. Silva Santiago resigned and in a cloister formed by ecclesiastical, academic and student authorities, Fernando Castillo Velasco was elected, the first non-ecclesiastic to assume this position, in which he was confirmed shortly after by the Holy See. One of the most curious events was the placement of a huge banner that read “Chilean: El Mercurio lies”, with which they protested against the accusation of the morning newspaper of the same name that accused an alleged intervention of Marxist parties in the protest.[21] The students were also the first to hold the protest, which was held at the University of Chile.

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