Are there wolves in Pennsylvania?

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Read also: Is the smoking vice Neanderthal man’s fault? The supremacy of invasive speciesImage source, THINKSTOCKPhoto caption, Over the next few millennia, lions, mammoths, hyenas and bison disappeared from Europe. His theory seems to be echoed in practice by what happens with invasive species. “We know that when invasive species, and humans clearly are, leave the environment in which they developed they are endangered because they are unfamiliar with their new habitat. “One would then think that the newcomers are at a great disadvantage. But, in fact, very often the invasive predators outnumber the natives”.The price of this coalition does not seem to have been paid by Neanderthal man alone.Over the next few millennia, lions, mammoths, hyenas and bison disappeared from Europe.

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The red wolf (Canis lupus rufus) is a canid of historically dubious taxonomy that today can only be found in some areas of the eastern United States, Mexico and, perhaps, southeastern Canada. It is now classified as a subspecies of wolf (Canis lupus), although it could be a recent hybrid population between wolf and coyote (Canis latrans), or, as it was previously considered, a separate species of both, Canis rufus. In any case, the red wolf is an animal in serious danger of extinction, which is why it is the subject of captive breeding programs.

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District wildlife managers with DOW captured the suspicious new wolf on brief video. A landowner quickly informed wildlife officials after spotting the animal about 10 miles south of the Colorado-Wyoming border north of Walden.

“We’re not sure just by looking at the animal, and DNA testing is not that reliable,” said Gary Skiba, senior wildlife conservation biologist and coordinator of the DOW’s Wolf Management Working Group.

But the DOW has no plans to reintroduce wolves at this time, and experts say it will likely take several decades for a natural migration of the wolf population to arrive from the north.

“Wolves can generate a great deal of controversy as a species,” said Randy Hampton, spokesman for the DOW. “They have their detractors and their fans. We try to do our best to balance it.”

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