Why does stretching hurt feel good?

Porque duele estirar

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What happens when a muscle is stretched

These gentle but effective exercises can do it. Overweight people are more prone to back pain. If you are overweight, it may be good for you to exercise at a certain intensity. Talk to your doctor to see what type of exercise is best for you!

Now that you know what the neutral spine feels like, try doing this movement again in the exercises that follow. Focus on your breathing: aside from the back benefits, this exercise is a good way to manage stress.

If you are not as flexible, try doing this stretch on the floor. You should feel the stretch deep in your thigh, from your groin to your knee. Stop if you start to feel it in your back.

If you can’t lift your knee much, don’t strain – do the stretch as far as you can! But if you practice this stretch regularly, you’ll get a deeper stretch that can help loosen up your back and hips.

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Don’t turn your head to the side in this position, and don’t try to arch your back, which will put more stress on your spine. Keep your back as relaxed as possible. Imagine that a straight line runs from your chest to your knees.

What happens if you tense too much when stretching

Although back pain is often caused by an injury to one or more structures in the back, it could be another cause. Some people are more prone to back pain than others. Things that increase your risk for back pain and injury include aging, having a family history of back pain, sitting for long periods of time, lifting or pushing heavy objects, and having a degenerative disease, such as osteoporosis.

Slouching or slouching alone may not cause low back pain. But after a back strain or injury, poor posture can make the pain worse. Good posture” usually consists of having your ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line. If this posture causes pain, you may have another condition, such as a disc or spinal bone problem.

Pain caused by an injury may be sudden and severe. Bruising and swelling may also appear soon after the injury. Pain caused by an acute injury usually does not last more than 6 weeks. Acute injuries include:

What happens if I stretch my legs too much

Back pain is extremely common. Up to 80% of people experience severe back pain during their lifetime. Most of these pains are benign and disappear spontaneously.

What hurts, how it hurts and how it subsides, when and since when and where it hurts are the essential aspects in a correct diagnosis. The family doctor, the orthopedic surgeon or the physiotherapist will be able to focus properly on the symptoms and signs and arrive at a probable diagnosis.

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It is important not to reverse this process, because we can make sick people who are not sick. It is different to have an image of disc herniation on MRI, than actually being ill with disc herniation.

Complementary tests offer us a representation of the body. There is none that gives 100% reliable information, that is, that always diagnoses without error. Sometimes we can see alterations that do not really exist, and other times, we cannot see existing diseases.