What is a handy bar used for?

What is the title bar used for?

How can we perform the hip thrust correctly? To begin, let’s see what material we will need. To do the hip thrust we will need a bench on which to rest our back and a weight that we will place on our hips and that will act as resistance. The most common is to use a barbell with discs, but you can also use a kettlebell or a dumbbell, although it is more uncomfortable.

Another option is to perform the hip thrust on the smith machine or multipower (the cage for guided squats). It can be a good option to start, but the movement will not be as natural as if we do it with free weights.

Finally, there are already machines designed exclusively for the hip thrust. It is true that they are not yet found in many centers, probably because they are not very versatile, but they are interesting because they help us to perform the movement correctly by putting all the weight we consider necessary through plates and pulleys.

Once we have chosen the material with which we are going to perform the exercise, the most important thing is to adopt a correct starting position to perform it. We will analyze the hip thrust with bench and bar with discs, which is usually the most common option in gyms.

Barbell Bar Sizes

When you start doing Crossfit there is only one thing that hurts more than lifting the bar or lifting your butt doing a T2B, and that’s your hands. If you’ve been doing Crossfit for a while now, they’ve probably stopped hurting by now because once they open up, the callus comes out and the area hardens it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. 【SEE SBEMW’s PERSONALIZED NUTRITION Plans here 】

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The problem is that the process to get to that point is painful. Some people are resigned to having their hands full of calluses and to take care of them, or rather, so that they do not suffer so much from the inclemencies of the bar, there are creams, gloves, calluses, even adhesive tape to protect them.

The problem with gloves is that you lose a lot of sensitivity with the bar and can become dangerous in some exercises such as T2B, for example, where the glove can slip and you can get a good blow.

If you have noticed, the professionals do not wear gloves, although it is also more than likely that they do not have beautiful hands… We can say that having beautiful hands and doing Crossfit is incompatible, but we can help them not to suffer so much or to recover sooner with creams that help the regeneration of the skin.

Weightlifting barbell length

The lifting movements in weightlifting and powerlifting, unlike those used in weight training, are performed as quickly as possible, so they generate a lot of kinetic energy that the lifter must overcome in order not to lose balance. The bars used in these sports (called Olympic bars) incorporate a rotating sleeve at each end, on which the discs are placed. This allows the discs to rotate freely with respect to the bar during the movements, thus eliminating the rotational inertia effect that the lifter would suffer.[5][6][7] In addition to the Olympic bars, the Olympic bars are also used for the Olympic barbell.

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In addition to the Olympic bars, stronger bars are often used in powerlifting to allow the use of heavier weights. These bars are longer, to allow more discs to be loaded, and thicker, so that they deform less under the weight. The bars used in powerlifting also have the grip marks closer together, 810 mm apart. This closer location is used to check the allowable grip width in the bench press. However, the International Powerlifting Federation does not allow the use of thicker bars.[4] The International Powerlifting Federation does not allow the use of thicker bars.[4


SPORTS AND HEALTHSportsThe best bars to do pull-ups at home, their benefits and some tricks for beginnersThis calisthenics exercise is one of the most complete to work the whole body, especially the biceps, abdomen and back. To do strict pull-ups (prone grip) you must hang from a fixed barStraddle pull-ups are a calisthenics exercise that you can practice and improve at home with the right equipment.SHUTTERSTOCKKAdditional update

WHAT BENEFITS DOES THIS STRENGTH TRAINING HAVE? Pull-ups are known as one of the best strength exercises, because by suspending all our weight on our arms, the whole body will work together. “A properly performed pull-up will work the entire upper body, especially the back and arms, particularly the biceps. We will work the core and therefore stability. This will help us improve our posture and reduce back pain,” Alvarez explains. It will also depend on the grip we do, supine or prone: “You will work the biceps and dorsals more,” says the expert.TIPS FOR BEGINNERS

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