What is a chop in table tennis?

Evolution of table tennis

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Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is an exciting sport that can be played by two to four players. Even recreational players can become very skilled relatively quickly; ping pong at the professional level is truly a sight to behold. This article presents the basic rules of ping-pong along with tips on how to win.

Forehand! Try to “slice” the ball by undercutting the underside as it approaches you on its descent. This will spin the ball, slow it down and launch it on a new trajectory. You can practice this technique against a wall. Read on for another test question.

What is table tennis

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In its simplest form, table tennis is a sport in which opponents hit a ball back and forth across a table with a low net. But despite its simplicity, table tennis is a challenging sport with an intense mental aspect. Typically, an opponent will either play defensively (blocking shots and wearing the other player down) or aggressively hit balls at the other player. If you find yourself playing with an opponent who goes on the offensive, use key defensive shots. These shots and a defensive strategy can cripple your opponent’s game.

Cuáles son las reglas del tenis de mesa

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Table tennis characteristics

It’s always nice to win, but when you finish second or worse you can always learn from it. In the end only one wins and Inbee played very well and proved to be #1. I gave it my all, I played two bad holes (14th and 15th), it was a tough moment of the round, but my positive attitude made me fight until the end. I can’t complain about the week, I signed four rounds under par. I am very happy, it has been a great experience”, commented Carlota.

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Surely from this defeat the niece of former footballer ‘Cuco’ Ciganda gets the best for upcoming tournaments, including three of the ‘big ones’ between June and August (LPGA Championship, US Open and British Open; the one that has already been played, Nabisco Championship, was won precisely by Inbee Park), and the Solheim Cup.