Is gauze eco friendly?

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If you have used them until now, it would probably be because you were unaware of the terrible impact they could cause. From a cosmetic point of view, they may seem like a good option for the convenience of not having to resort to cotton pads and facial cleansing products. But, in reality, they are a cleaning accessory that, on the one hand, is not at all healthy for the environment and, on the other hand, is not recommended for skin care.

With continued use, make-up remover wipes damage the skin without even leaving it thoroughly cleansed. In fact, dermatologists do not recommend them for sensitive or problematic skin.

Whether we use them at specific times, or if they are our preferred option for makeup removal, it is time to move on to other more sustainable and effective alternatives that are sure to surprise more than one of us.

This is a much more environmentally friendly version of the classic cotton make-up remover discs (the disposable ones, so that we understand each other). They are cloth discs that we can impregnate with our favorite makeup remover (micellar water, bi-phase oil, etc.). And, in this case, instead of throwing the discs in the trash, we will do it in the laundry basket to reuse them once they have gone through the washing machine. Some brands include their own laundry bag to protect the discs during washing, but we can also use any one we have at home.

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Reusable cloth bag with the Red Kangaroo logo, 100% cotton, for your shopping or whatever you want to take with you on your outings. Ideal to carry folded always in your bag or pocket, in your backpack, in the car and not having to resort to plastic bags, which are environmentally unfriendly and polluting, with long handles to carry by hand or hang on the shoulder, too. Books, shopping, toys from the playground, etc. And, of course, to show off your kangaroo pride.Write a review

Muslin gauze

Discover here our organic muslin / organic double gauze / organic triple gauze fabrics with GOTS certification, made of 100% organic cotton in different weave qualities. They are also often called organic muslin fabrics, organic double gauze fabrics or gauze fabrics.

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Biodegradable fabrics for face masks

Now, a new study sheds light on how veterinarians can reduce the environmental impact of their practice, with the simplest method being greater investment in sustainable materials.

The study, published in Veterinary Records, indicates which alternative products veterinary clinics can introduce so that, in addition to being fundamental to animal health, they can support another of the pillars of the ‘One Health’ concept, the health of the environment.

In this sense, the article considers that the environmental awareness of clinic clients and veterinarians themselves is on the rise. What’s more, as far as these healthcare professionals are concerned, veterinarian and expert Laura Higham explains that veterinarians are uniquely positioned to be “green advocates” in their businesses and in the communities in which they operate.

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“As professionals working in ‘One Health,’ we understand the inextricable links between human, animal and environmental well-being, and hold a position of trust in communities, which we can leverage for change,” Higham noted.