How do you raise an elderly bed?

Techniques for lifting a person in a wheelchair

Here we will show you some of the basic and necessary measures to lift an elderly person, which should be adjusted according to their needs and ability to move. It is also recommended that we leave the elderly, dependent on the wheelchair.

As we age, people have different mobility problems for a variety of reasons, including: loss of muscle mass, osteoporosis, arthritis, knee injuries, wear and tear in the spine, and so on. Although there are exercises and ways to stay active to prevent or delay these diseases, there are a large number of elderly people who need caregivers to perform any type of movement.

It is important that we avoid any obstacle that may cause us to stumble when lifting a person who cannot move. To do this, first of all, we must make sure that everything around us is tidy. Remove chairs, rugs or other items. In addition, we must be careful that the floor is not wet or slippery.

How to lift a person from the floor

On numerous occasions, dependent elderly people do not know how to get out of bed by themselves due to lack of mobility. In these cases, they require the help of a caregiver to do it safely. To lift bedridden patients or an elderly person out of bed:

There are occasions when the lack of reduced mobility is high and the elderly person is wheelchair-bound. In this case, the lifting process is somewhat different. To transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair you must:

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How to get a patient out of bed

And when he begins to have limitations that make it difficult to perform these activities, sometimes it is only necessary to change the way of doing them or facilitate their realization by offering appropriate support products for the person with dementia, as indicated by Natalia Rosillo Carretero, Occupational Therapist.

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How to lift a person who can’t move

In the case of a person who cannot move, more attention is needed from people who have knowledge in the area of care services, both in prolonged hospital stays and in the home of the elderly person, so it is very important to take precautions to provide adequate help and care for the elderly person who is in a temporary state of disorientation. Here are some tips to help with disorientation in the elderly: If you are not sure how to act, we can help you by answering any questions you may have.

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