How do you balance when ice skating?

Ice Skating Friction

Other moves unique to couples include Spiral of Death, in which the man pivots on the tip of one skate and the edge of another while the woman grasps his hand with an outstretched arm. He then leans horizontally across the ice on a single edge and drops his head to the ice, with his body in an arched position. Launch jumps begin with the couple skating together at a high speed. Then, the man helps the woman jump by using his arm to propel her into the air; the momentum carries her forward as she performs up to three rotations (quads have recently been attempted) in the air and lands skating backwards. The type of launch (salchow, toe loop, loop or axel), like jumps in single skating, is determined by the edge the skater uses at takeoff.

Rules of ice skating

For this it is important to perform a complementary training of different muscle groups involved in the practice of our sport. If we perform a series of key exercises for skaters properly and establish this additional routine we will notice how our balance, strength and control on skates improve considerably.

Before starting with the list of exercises for skaters, we want to highlight one of the star products to exercise and perfect our technique. This is the Tempish Slide Mat training tape for skaters, a perfect sliding tape to simulate skates and perform a series of exercises in a correct way.

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The best way to do it will be through an aerobic exercise such as jumping rope or a 10/20 min run, which will also help us to improve our endurance and strengthen our legs.

Important! The arms should have an opening of about 45º or 60º degrees at the most with respect to the trunk. One way to control it is to think of making a triangle, so that our elbows are the two vertices of the base of the triangle and our head the upper vertex.

Disadvantages of ice skating

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While field hockey skating is different from figure skating or speed skating, many of the basic techniques are similar. Before attempting to ice skate with a pair of field hockey skates, you’ll first want to spend some time practicing balancing on the edges of your skates’ blades. Once you feel comfortable balancing on your skates, go ahead and try your hand at stepping onto the ice. The most important thing to remember when ice skating is to keep your center of gravity low by bending your knees.

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Ice Skating

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As time went by, skating, apart from being a means of transportation, became an entertainment for everyone, and in the winter, families would gather on the frozen lakes to skate and entertain themselves… until they started spinning and jumping… seeing that many things could be done with a pair of skates.

The skater who started to make figure skating known as a sport and an art was Sonya Henie, the Norwegian skater who did wonderful shows on ice, and started a great figure skating dynasty. Sonja Henie won 10 world championships (from 1927 to 1936) and 3 Olympic medals (1928, 1932 and 1936).

Fortunately for some, and unfortunately for others… the figures were withdrawn from training in 1994, and many skaters who could not win, began to show their talent as freestyle skaters.

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